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Sales and marketing information and advice. Innovative techniques and thought provoking strategies for your craft business.

FADS VS. TRENDS Fads and Trends! - The latest styles, the hot new looks ... All are important to craft production, just as they are to fashion. What is the difference between a fad and a trend? ...

I COULD MAKE THAT The shopper who says... " I could make that" - Everything you need to know about how to deal with this situation, and turn it to your favor!

BOOTH BASICS Craft Sales 101 ... Basic, surefire craft show salesmanship and marketing techniques.

THE SAFE AND SAME APPROACH Must-read information you need now to secure your craft sales for the present and the future.

THE NEED FOR SPEED How to avoid the number one web site mistake!

SLUMPS Say "good by" to slumps forever with this 10 step program.

SETTING THE STAGE The keys to designing a booth with a harmonious blend of creativity and traffic-stopping interest.

TRENDS AND CLASSICS What are the new trends? What are the new colors? What are the hot sellers expected to be?

THE NAME GAME "Branding" is one of the important terms that every Professional Crafter needs to know.This article will tell you what "branding" is, and how you can achieve it.

TIME MANAGEMENT...OR...HOW TO WORK SMARTER/ FASTER/ AND HAVE MORE FUN. Take advantage of these simple time-saving stategies and you will be producing more product, having more fun, and managing your time more efficiently.

SALES PROMOTIONS How to turn a "looky-loo" into a buyer and guarantee repeat customers.

21 CRAFTY INSIGHTS Insights and observations into the world of crafting.

WHAT SHOULD I MAKE ??? The big question both beginners and seasoned pros ask themselves ...

WEB SITES FOR NOTHING AND YOUR ADS FOR FREE Create a roadmap for success and take advantage of the free offers that will do your business the most good.


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