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Bath & Body Trends 2007


Sugar and Spice

Sweetly tempting scents flavor bath and body essentials. Vanilla, honey, sugar, cinnamon - sweet products include pink buttercream frosting, pina colada, and creme brulee.

Back in Black

Black glass and ceramics containers follow in the path of recent tabletop trends. Sophisticated simplicity both in scent and presentation. Scents include rainwater, fig, mimosa, ocean breeze.

Sunny Citrus

Fresh and lively scents of orange, tangerine, lemon, and mandarin. Single scents or combined with vanilla, coconut, or spices.

Exotic Hypnotic

Fruits, flowers, and teas from around the world combine for an exotic and intoxicating blend of scents. Mediterranean mint, ceylon tea, Japanese wisteria, palm leaves, orchid, and heliotrope.