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Christmasworld Trends 2007/08

"Rendezvous - White, Yellow, Blue"

White, yellow and blue reign for the 2007/2008 festive and festive decorations season, although creating a trend involves more than simply the right choice of color. It's only by combining these colors with designs and materials that the comprehensive trend and theme worlds are created.

* White - transparent and elegant.

The theme of white runs right through the romantic decoration theme "White", and evokes associations with the elegant, opulence and romance of St. Petersburg. Rich embellishment, Baroque ornamentation, velvet, lace, crystal and trimmings set the tone here. Pale grey is combined with muted turquoise, cream and pink and off-white.

* Yellow - splendid and imaginative

The young, modern world of decoration makes a powerful appearance. "Yellow" wagers on Southern charm and Spanish temperament. Earthy tones, sand, amber and orange, are reminiscent of the scorching desert sun. Exotic flowers, including amaryllis, callas and lilies, set refreshing accents, alongside hand-painted ceramics and ornate glass featuring religious motifs. Velvet and brass, cambric and damask round off the fiery festive season.

* Blue - natural and original.

Here, Nordic cool meets the dark green of rural informality, with clear, blue tones like indigo and sky. "Blue", the third color world, has a rustic, natural look. Painted wood, ceramics and pottery, enamel, cotton and linen, in a hand-printed look, and pillow lace complete the original, authentic mood.

For 2006/2007 many of the accessories were not tied to a specific season but could be used throughout the year. The 2007/2008 season goes a step further than this. The three color worlds are transferable to a wide variety of festive occasions, either in spring or at Christmas time.

At the trend show, yellow was featured in a large central display, with an emphasis on gold. Flat or metallic, this member of the yellow family was on-trend, permeating the market in every category.

Christmas 2007 the focus will be on icy shades, such as white, in combination with blue and turquoise. Fanciful shapes and materials provide texture and dimension.

Also look for ...

Burgundy combined with silver, ivory paired with gold, silver and black, aqua and green. A new combination of russet reds, bronzes and golds - multidimensional, combining rich coloration with layers of different textures - feathers, glass, beads, fabric - combining for a fantasy effect.


A theme of major importance across the whole year is that of nature :

Vases, globes and other products are being made more and more to look like wood, or from materials with a natural effect to them, including pheasant or peacock plumage. Earthy tones, such as brown or beige, underscore the look.
The Reason for the Season

Religious-themed and spiritual merchandise remains a growth category for indoor and outdoor holiday decor. The inspirational category with religious, motivational and sentimental themes is huge and gathering steam.

Patterns, Shapes, and Textures

Texture and shape remain strong elements in holiday design. Look for paisley, swirls, florals, birds, flocking, and words used as design elements. High-end materials such as lace, velvet, metallics and crystals provide a feeling of luxury.


Makers of Christmas ornaments in India and China are playing up the use of new colors and materials to give products a modern appeal. One of the latest innovations is the application of embroidered patches. While this technique does not contribute to quality, it offers a new range of designs. Christmas tree ornament suppliers in China are boosting competitiveness by updating their production techniques and R&D initiatives. Christmas tree ornaments are following fashion trends, popular colors in clothing this year will likely be adopted in holiday decor next year.


Look for more animal-themed Christmas decor. These are mostly land creatures designed with wings to lend a whimsical feel. Recent releases depict Santa Claus playing golf and reindeers with wings. Apart from doves, camels and other animals associated with the season, suppliers are now releasing ornaments shaped like elephants, horses and dragonflies.


Pets will be feeling the love again this holiday season, as the "Pampered Pet" trend continues. Products will remain available in every price range, from affordable fun to high-end luxury. Pet stockings and stocking holders, breed-specific ornaments, jeweled holiday collars and leashes, feeding dishes and beds, jewelry, pet clothing including mommy-and-me type matching outfits, and more. Look for lifestyle collections for pets and their families.


Candles will be scented in the coming season with cinnamon and vanilla.

White will be combined with red.

Look for scented candles in glass containers - gingerbread, brown sugar, cinnamon or vanilla.

Other on-trend scents are sandalwood, mandarin and ginger.

"Green" candles are becoming increasingly popular, made of stearin or a mixture of beeswax and rape-seed oil.


This year the use of LED lighting will further expand.

Lights continue to be added all types of holiday decor.


The demand for high-quality products is a trend which was already in evidence last year and which continues strongly. Luxury items, or the perceived value of luxury, will again spur sales. Even ordinary items can be perceived as "luxurious." Luxury and high value are in demand from retailers as never before.

Hot Toys

The Hollywood Connection:

Hasbro will supply toys for three of the year's widely anticipated films: "Transformers," based on its 23-year-old toy brand, "Spider-Man 3" and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." MGA unveiled products tied to the Bratz brand's first live theatrical release in August.


A Barbie makeover - Mattel is making the doll more interactive. This year's offerings include $29.99 Chat Diva Barbie dolls, which lip sync to music on Apple Inc.'s iPod digital music player and can chat on the phone; dolls and playsets surrounding a wedding theme and toys tied to two upcoming DVD releases. They include a $69.99 throne related to "The Island Princess," due out in March, and a $24.99 remote controlled doll called Elina tied to "The Magic of the Rainbow," due in September.

Tween Pop Princesses:

Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana" and "Cheetah Girls." Play Along, a division of Jakks Pacific Inc., and Disney Consumer Products unveiled a new line of Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girls fashion dolls along with accessories. They include dolls that sing their top hits, a tour bus, and electronic musical instruments. Prices of the toys range from $9.99 to $39.99.

Sesame Street:

Mattel Inc.'s Fisher-Price is expanding on the success of T.M.X. Elmo by sharing the technology with his friends Cookie Monster and Ernie.


Fisher-Price presents a $100 "Smart Cycle" stationary exercise bike that runs alphabet-learning video games on TV as kids push the pedals. "The Fisher-Price exercise bike is one example of a trend away from sedentary video games," said Reyne Rice, a consultant for the Toy Industry Association.


A number of companies are focusing on new game systems that interact with cyberspace, Mattel and Hasbro are going a bit further, offering environments that allow kids to play games without venturing into other areas online. Mattel's Fisher-Price brand is showcasing Easy-Link Internet Launchpad, which parents connect to their computer to allow kids to safely visit preschool appropriate Web sites. Children can plug their favorite character figures into the launch pad and be taken directly to the game section of that character's Web site. Hasbro's Tiger Games division is marketing Net Jet, a game system that offers preteens 40 online games in an environment without banners and popup ads.

Rock Guitar:

Toy makers are tapping into children's interest in rock with toy guitars. Mattel Inc.'s Fisher-Price brand has '"I can Play Guitar,'" priced at $99, which plugs into a TV and features color-coded finger position buttons. Hasbro Inc. is unveiling Power Tour Electric Guitar, which is priced at $69.99 and features a strum bar, touch sensors and multicolored lights. Meanwhile, Zizzle LLC is offering a Rockerz Jammin' Guitar, priced at $7.99., as part of a collection of musical instruments tied to the popular Disney Channel movie "High School Musical."' It allows kids to add their own sound effects with a push of the button.

Folk Art / Primitive / Country

Handcrafted, or the look of handcrafted, is trending up.


The nautical style has sailed into all categories of gift and home decor, and continues the trend for holiday 2007. (see also Nautical / Christmas )


From scrapbooking to memory quilts, memory candles and pillows, frames, plates, ornaments, jewelry and holiday cards - look for the "memory" theme to continue as a strong holiday component.


Personalization and customization continue to be hot. (see also Personalized / Christmas )


From wearables to tabletop, the message is clear - and the signs are still everywhere.

Cute sayings, touching sentiments, funny comments. Handmade, or made to look that way. Embroidered on pillows and towels, painted on wood, glass, and planters, etched, routed, needlepointed, you name it, it's still out there.


The aged look of vintage postcards influenced Halloween 2005, the look continued into Holiday 2006, and is still with us for 2007.

Wit & Whimsy

The fun and funky, girly, retro, look continues... Look for the "girls-night-out" theme .



Birds : The chirping birds that flew in for '06 have expanded into a major trend for '07. A big look in tabletop design, now look for the feathers to fly into coordinating holiday decor.

Non-Traditional Nutcrackers: Designers are updating the classic Nutcracker. Christopher Radko offerings include a musical mouse king, skiing Santa and more.The Kurt S. Adler, Inc. lines offer everything from a Humpty Dumpty nutcracker and a Christmas cow, to a fireman, to licensed characters.


Demand for florals is a growth category. Sales of faux, dried, preserved, silk, synthetic, and paper are blooming. Many consumers are choosing pre-made garlands, wreaths, floral arrangements and bouquets rather than arranging stems themselves. Look for two opposing trends for holiday '07 - "Back to Nature", and "Glamour".

Designers are taking their color cues cue from the home decor segment. Look for golds, greens, browns, oranges, and rich texture.

Christmas Trees

In the Christmas tree segment, anything goes! Rich color, black or white, brights, metallics, traditional, upside down, fat-to-skinny and short-to-tall, spiral, cross-shaped, even a bubbling trunk: swirling bubbles and dancing lights illuminate a water-filled cylinder trunk.

Look for flocking and frosting to trend up in '07.

Lighted Palm Trees gaining popularity.

Christmas Licensing

Pop culture icons remain among a long list of licenses that in recent years have become an important part of the Christmas business.

Christmas ornaments and collectibles geared toward children. Parents share with their children the characters from their own childhoods.

The Simpsons: The longest running animated show in history will spawn a feature length motion picture in the summer of 2007. The popular show will reach new heights of collectibility, all things Simpsons will be popular in 2007.

Batman: The revived movie series from Warner Brothers has another movie in the works tentatively titled, "The Dark Knight." Heath Ledger is signed to play The Joker in the second installment of the new series. Kurt S. Adler has a line of Batman ornaments faithful to the new series.

Greeting Cards

Here's an insider's look at the top 5 trends in Christmas cards from the creative experts at American Greetings:

* Tech-inspired Cards - Now that every Christmas wish list seems to have one or several new tech gadgets on it, American Greetings will debut tech-inspired cards this holiday season as the perfect pairing for all of the hottest gizmos. The cards will feature special extras like blinking lights, sounds of the season and popular holiday songs. Look for designs for every relationship, from romantic cards to general well wishes and light-hearted humor. One card shows Mrs. Claus kissing Santa on the cheek and says, "All I want for Christmas is you. Merry Christmas with love." It plays the popular holiday hit, "Santa Baby," as it opens. Another card shows a dog wearing a Santa hat on the front and reads, "Merry Christmas. Can I take this stupid thing off my head now?" as a group of dogs serenades the reader with their rendition of "Jingle Bells."

* Radiating Red and Green - The American Greetings card aisle will radiate with warm, vibrant tones of red and green as more and more people try to infuse plenty of tradition into their holiday season. Some of the newest cards feature bold red and green patterns while others are saturated with one of the two hues and paired with white accents, such as the green card that features a large white, fuzzy snowflake on the front and reads, "Near or far, together or apart, You're always in my happy thoughts. Merry Christmas."

* Strong Connections to Holiday Traditions - Research shows that Christmas is a nostalgic time of the year for most people. Time-honored family traditions are a source of comfort, and many look forward to being surrounded by symbols of the season when they shop and when they open their mail. Look for icons like Santa and his reindeer to make several appearances on this year's Christmas card collection from American Greetings along with Christmas trees adorned with ornaments and beautifully wrapped packages. To make sure there's something for everyone, the artistic styles of these Christmas must-haves vary from traditional to contemporary.

* Fashion, Decor Inspired Hues and Finishings - Just as fashions and home accents show more sparkle and glitz as the holidays draw near, so too do greeting cards. Many households enjoy saving and displaying the Christmas cards they receive from family and friends near and far, so American Greetings created special cards for the 2007 holiday season that compliment the festive atmosphere and make beautiful decorations around the home. Each card features a simple-yet-poignant design with an added touch, like glitter, iridescent paper and sparkling attachments, to enhance its keepsake value and the emotion it creates between the sender and receiver. One such card simply says, "Christmas" on the front in silver lettering on a background of bright, shiny green paper, accented with five small white stars. The warm inside message reads, "It's about beauty, it's about harmony, it's about love. Wishing you Christmas peace all year."

* Warm, Heartfelt Messages - Research shows that people view the holidays as a time to stop and show appreciation for the year-long love and support of family and friends, so choosing cards that express heartfelt feelings is a top priority for most people. Whether you prefer a card that says it all for you or you gravitate more towards the short-but-sweet variety, the overall tone for this year's Christmas cards from American Greetings is from-the-heart to ensure there's something for every expression of appreciation. A romantic card shows several snowflakes on the front and reads, "Merry Christmas to the One I Love." Inside, it says, "From the old traditions to our new ones - I love sharing all of them with you." A heartfelt card for anyone on your list simply says, "Christmas" on the front, with the inside message, "The secret to a merry Christmas is wonderful people like you. Have all the happy your heart can hold."

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