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Christmasworld Trends 2010/11

Handcrafted authenticity, modern naturalness and a colorful style mix are on trend


Discover beauty in simplicity: Cherished pieces and collectables with a patina are characteristic of this natural style. The fusion of old and new creates original recycling chic - simple, uncontrived and individual.

Colors: warm grey, peridot green, petrol blue, sand grey, alabaster and linen white.


Craftsmanship meets modernity: "Optimistic" is a lively theme which allows plenty of scope for creativity and unconventional ideas. The captivating feature is the use of artificial materials like plastic, foils and rubber coatings combined with artisan techniques.

Colors: mocha, salmon pink, dark red, emerald green, canary yellow and aquamarine.


Mix of style epochs and cultures: Different cultures, epochs and art movements collide. Ornamental decoration, animal skin optics as well as materials like velvet, embossed leather, feathers and wooden beads create exciting effects.

Colors: golden bronze, olive, wine red, dark ruby red, deep blue-green


Gold and silver accents: Sporty and elegant. This trend plays with geometric patterns in different shades of white and black.


In terms of color, almost anything goes. Various shades of mauve are still on trend but red, silver, grey, white, vibrant green, orange, lemon and gold are also extremely popular. Blue and brown are being sold as favorites for 2011, whether printed with silver dust, decorated with white frost and snow.


Value, Opulence, and Cheer

Generally opulent embellishments on Christmas decorations reflect a desire for the playful. Everything which fits the bill in terms of cheerfulness and reflectiveness is allowed. A desire for value runs through the entire decorating segment.

Manufacturers are agreed in their assessment: customers are primarily buying high value, choice products. They choose carefully, paying attention to quality, individuality and are more aware of what they buy, but all this is at reasonable prices. This is why consolidation back to specialisation is taking place in the industry. After all it is possible to manufacture large numbers of quality products at moderate prices, too.

Small luxuries are en vogue and this trend runs through all sectors. Environmental consciousness, exquisite design and high-grade furnishings are "in". Recycled paper is no longer brown. Now, it is more like handmade paper with a brilliant white and first-class appearance. Design, functionality and high-grade materials are key factors for purchasing stationery, paper and accessories. In home offices, these criteria are coupled with the trend color white and subdued shades.

Traditional Christmas

Traditional Christmas is still in vogue:
In turbulent times, people always seek security in the familiar. exhibitors met this need by redesigning familiar, tried and trusted products

Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree, real or synthetic, is the focal point of Christmas decorations. Visually, the artificial ones, made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) are indistinguishable from and even feel like the real thing. Tinsel is out, instead artificial snow on pine branches is extremely popular.


For Christmas 2010, manufacturers go with voluminous balls and imaginatively designed animals, angels and fairytale figures. A colorful variety of materials and a high-quality finish.


A reflective festival of light and a glittering party

Pillar candles and tea lights in a wide variety of colors, designs and fragrances dominate the candle market. Warm candlelight, whether fragranced or not, remains a symbol of romance and contemplation. Candles are predominantly simple in form but colorful and elaborately printed. Although wax sculptures, some intricately worked, have a wick, they function more as home accessories.

Artistically designed candle cards, on the other hand, are perfect to mail as a gift for the recipient to burn straight away. Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs for short, now present the traditional candle with serious competition. In chain or mesh form, these small, energy efficient wonder lights are taking over Christmas trees, windows and walls. Wrapped in plastic to form 3D lighting objects and dynamic LED lighting, LEDs bring variety to stiff decorations.


+++Trend scouts - bora.herke
Designers Annetta Palmisano, Cem Bora and Claudia Herke . As trend scouts they develop powerful themes, the inspiration from which comes from fashion, art, interiors and lifestyle.

+++Messe Frankfurt
Messe Frankfurt is Germany’s largest trade fair organiser. The Messe Frankfurt Group has a global network of 29 subsidiaries, five branch offices and 48 international Sales Partners, giving it a presence for its customers in more than 150 countries. Events “made by Messe Frankfurt” take place at more than 30 locations around the globe.


The "Pampered Pet" lifestyle continues. Consumers will be shopping for products in every price range, from affordable fun to high-end luxury.

From-the-dog/cat holiday cards.

Gifts for pet-parents.

Organic, eco-friendly.

Health conscious.

Yard Art

For Seasonal Decorating, Consumers Are Decorating The Outside Of Their Homes

People's passion for holiday and seasonal decorating is moving outside. In 2009 Americans spent nearly 40 percent of their annual seasonal decorations budget on new outdoor decorations, up from only 22 percent back in 2004.

Assuming the economy continues to improve, Americans are likely to return to the stores to buy new Christmas decorations for their outdoor areas and especially their Christmas trees. This is likely to be a good year for marketers and retailers offering ready-lit Christmas trees which seemed too pricey during the recession. They also are likely to make the investment this year toward more energy-efficient lights to replace the old electricity-hogging models.

This research study shows that product innovation is key to marketing success. Marketers should have an Internet strategy in place for Christmas 2010 as the research found the Internet and non-store retailers are among the fastest growing retail category for these items.

+++Pam Danziger

The Green Scene

LEDs continue to permeate the market. Look for larger designs.


Personalization and customization continue to be hot in 2010. (see also Personalized / Christmas )

Ornaments customized to look like the recipient.




Hanukkah ornaments now have added colors and styles. The growth of multi-cultural, mixed religion families has spurred an expanse in Hanukkah merchandise.

Folk Art / Primitive / Country

Handcrafted, or the look of handcrafted, is still trendy for 2010.


The nautical style has sailed into all categories of gift and home decor, and is still on trend for holiday 2010. (see also Nautical / Christmas )

Wit & Whimsy

Pets and figures of all kinds.

Cheerful, fun, witty and whimsical.






Greeting Cards

The U.S. Postal Service reported an 11 percent decline in cancellations of first-class cards and letters from Dec. 1-13 - when most holiday cards are mailed - compared to 2008.

While more than 80 percent of the prime greeting card buying market, aged 25 to 34, spent on average $85 on card purchases in the last year, they’re far less likely than older consumers to send Christmas cards; instead they utilized social media options.

“While young adults show active participation in the greeting card market, they leave sending Christmas cards to their parents and grandparents,” Pam Danziger said. "Young people can use social media platforms to send out Christmas greetings to all their friends and family with the mere push of a button and at virtually no cost."

The market for greeting cards is a tough one in today's environment, with consumers having so many faster, easier, and in many cases cheaper, ways to send a greeting. Times have gotten even tougher as a result of the current recession, with consumers looking to cut spending anywhere they can.

Many cultural trends are afoot that are changing consumers' demand for greeting cards, but one thing is for certain. The business of selling traditional greeting cards is only going to get harder as consumers turn to newer, faster and more user-friendly communications alternatives.

In a tough market, the competition is getting even tougher as leading retail brands - American Greetings, Carlton Cards and Papyrus − consolidated in 2009 and leading greeting card and stationary brands - Schurman Fine Paper’s wholesale division and Recycled Greetings - came under American Greetings’ leadership.


Unique design, perceived value.

From-the-dog/cat holiday cards.

Monogrammed items.

Upscale Recycled - greeting cards made from recycled products, with upscale style.


Celebrities partnering with products.

Music and lights.

Recordable cards.

Gift Wrap




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