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Craft Business News Briefs- November 2005

A Quick Look at Fall Fashion Trends

The "boho look"continues through Fall.

Embellishment is everywhere on everything, for both day and evening wear.

Yellow gold jewelry - Hot.

Jet beads.

Layered necklaces.

Fur - real or faux.

Wide belts worn low, skinny belts at the waist.

And the hot color is ... Brown.

Black is back. ( Was it ever really gone?)

Flat shoes and boots. Wedge heels still hot.

Jeans tucked into boots.

Higher waisted jeans edging into the market. Look for distressed low-rise styles or dark denim with a higher rise.

Gaucho pants.


Vibrant color still big for Fall/Winter, look for color to fade for Spring 2006.


Beading is America's fastest-growing hobby, attracting women from ages 18 to 65-plus -- but especially those younger than 35, according to the Craft & Hobby Association. In fact, beading is so big it soon may rival knitting and scrapbooking as the top creative hobby among women.

Mindy Brooks, editor of Bead & Button magazine, estimates that beading is now a $2 billion hobby. "The resurgence of beading began in the 1980s, grew a little and then tapered off, then since the late 1990s it has been in ascendancy," she said. "We talk to many women and they often have the same story. Their mother or grandmother taught them to crochet or whatever when they were young, and then they did a few things -- macrame, crewel embroidery, quilting -- in the late 1960s, early 1970s. "Then they went to work, raised a family and put those hobbies aside," Brooks said. "When the Craft & Hobby Association does polls and asks people what they are going to do next, beading is always No.1."

Tariff Case Could Affect Holiday Candle Sales

The National Candle Association (NCA) cautions US retailers and importers that a pending tariff case extending anti-dumping duties on Chinese candles could negatively affect holiday sales revenues. At issue is a 1986 ruling stating that all scented and unscented dinner candles, self-standing candles, votives, and container candles containing at least 50 percent petroleum wax are subject to anti-dumping duties, currently 108.3 percent. Chinese manufacturers have circumvented the ruling by adding palm and vegetable-based waxes to keep the percentage of petroleum wax below 50 percent. In 1986, palm and vegetable-based waxes were rarely used in candle-making. Earlier this year, the U.S. candle industry petitioned the U.S. Commerce Department, alleging the Chinese actions. In July, the International Trade Commission determined that the anti-dumping duty should remain in effect, and that candles containing any amount of petroleum wax were "domestic-like" products. Although a ruling by the Commerce Department isn't expected until January 2006, the duty would be applied retroactively to candles that entered the U.S. as of February 15, 2005.

Artisans 'N More Grand Opening

Arizona - Artisans 'N More, a new Chandler business offering art, handcrafted gifts and home decor, held its grand opening recently. The business is at 2980 N. Alma School Road, in Mervyn's Plaza, southwest of Alma School and Elliot roads. Artisans 'N More is part of the St. Charles, Ill.-based Country Sampler chain of craft malls. The business features food and decor items from local and national artisans. Information: (480) 855-5300.

Primedia's Creating Keepsakes and Craftworks Bring New Accessories and Home Decor Products to Scrapbookers

Primedia Enterprises announced an agreement with Craftwork, to develop a complete line of project kits and home decor products under the Creating Keepsakes brand. This brand extension comes on the heels of the recent launch in Japan of Creating Keepsakes magazine, and its educational event series, Creating Keepsakes University.

The Craft & Hobby Association recently reported sales of scrapbook materials and supplies in the country doubled from $1 billion in 2001 to more than $2.5 billion in 2003. Creating Keepsakes data shows that one in four US households today are preserving memories through various forms of scrapbooking. This level of participation translates into roughly $25 spent on related products per month per enthusiast.

Creating Keepsakes' new scrapbooking and home decor product line includes scrapbooking kits, a tote bag, room decor, furniture, and storage items Craftworks has introduced new component and accessory items under the "Scrappin' Creations" brand. Items include albums, paper packs, adhesives, tools, embellishments, stickers and rub-on alphabets in exclusive CK fonts. Currently available exclusively at Jo-Ann stores.

Artisans Buy Craft Magazine

The only way to ensure Craft Digest continued was to buy it. So that's what they did. "We knew that when it was going out of business we had to do something," said Leann "Lee" Skalkos, metalsmith. "Craft Digest is really like the craftsman's bible. It tells you where to go, what to do." Skalkos and weaver Judy Standerford are now the new owner-publishers of the digest, to be renamed East Coast Artisan. Publication will be the Jan/Feb '06 issue. "We're going to publish every other month until we understand how magazine publishing works," Skalkos said.

Their decision to purchase the magazine may have been quick, but it wasn't rash, said Standerford, noting they bring special creative and business skills to their new duties. "Lee is a graphic designer and I was an accountant before I became a craftsperson. I also do a lot of desktop publishing," Standerford said. "Several new additions - a "Tricks of the Trade" column, tips on starting and maintaining a craft business, a "Sound Off" column about negative vending experiences and a crafter profile in each issue. Call Skalkos at 445-1953 or Standerford at 268-5511

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