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iPod and Accessories

The Apple iPod has moved into almost every home in the US, the next step for the digital music player is to occupy multiple rooms within the home. As the iPod accessory market matures, it is becoming more segmented leading to units targeting different rooms and uses.

Jewelry Sales

Consumers, particularly women purchasing jewelry for themselves, enter a jewelry store seeking guidance when it comes to purchasing colored gemstones. It's up to the salesperson to address those needs, said Douglas Hucker, executive director of the American Gem Trade Association, during a recent seminar titled "Solid Steps to Successful Colored Gemstone Sales."

"A woman is looking to know what colors are hot and what colors complement her wardrobe," Hucker said. "She is looking for help, looking for advice. You and your salespeople need to be aware of that. Women are buying jewelry for themselves. If you can't help them with their fashion considerations, then they are going to go somewhere else."

"Color draws attention to people who are wearing it," Hucker said. "It gets people excited. It's an emotional consideration as well. It goes across all industries."

Hucker said it's important that sales staff familiarize themselves with consumer magazines to see the types of color and the type of gemstones that are trendy and fashionable. "The biggest changes are, first, women are buying jewelry," he said. "Second, women are finding what to buy, what to wear, and how to wear it. Fashion is driving colored gemstone sales ... Get fashion involved in the process"

Hucker discussed the importance of knowing "the four Cs" and how they relate to gemstones. "Color is the most important. The richer the color, the better, he said. "Rich color goes with value. That's the nice thing about color ... It"s pretty obvious.

"Clarity is about a gemstone's natural characteristics. Cut provides a pleasing shape and brings out bright, lively display of color and light in a stone. Carat weight affects price, depending on the stone."

"Retailers should be open about disclosing enhancements to customers." "Most gemstones are enhanced to improve quality," he said. "It's very easy to address this in a sales presentation."

Hershey's Kisses 100th Anniversary 1907-2007

Remember Your First Kiss ? From the first, it was true love. Celebrate the memories and milestones of Hershey's Kisses Brand Chocolates during their 100th Anniversary Celebration !

A year-long schedule of events has been designed to generate interest and sales activity. From a KISSES Brand Countdown clock to a US Postal Service love stamp to greeting/gift cards.

The Blue Thong Society

Motto: "Fight Frump." The Blue Thong Society formed in July 2005.

Why the color blue? Blue symbolizes sympathy, harmony, friendship, and loyalty. These emotions relate to composure, mutual understanding, and trust - traits women rely on in their ralationships with their mothers, sisters, daughters, and granddaughters.

Growing up in the rebellious free love-child era of the 60's, the mission bestowed upon our generation was to fight for a cause, to stand up for what we believed in. We Rocked n Rolled, We Burned our Bras, We Rebelled! We rose up and cried out: "LISTEN TO US!!!" We started the revolution that brought about Women's Liberation! We changed forever how the 'grown-ups' of that time believed how women should walk, talk and look. Now, as 'grown-ups ourselves', alarming as that may be, we begin to conform a little more and rebel a little less. Face it; we are just a wee bit tired after all that rebelling! But one principle does not change; We Will Not Give In To The Norm, We Will Be Different!

One night, Mary Jo, about to turn 50, Mary Ellen, already 50 +, and a few other buds, were out drinking cosmos in Encinitas, California. They were discussing the 'frightening fifties'. One of the girls, raised her martini in a toast, "Geez, Mary Jo, I don't see you wearing a Red Hat, but I do see you wearing a RED THONG!!!" That pulled a 'String' in Mary Jo's head about what it means to turn 50 today, and it kept pulling and pulling and pulling ...

then, on another night, Mary Ellen, Kelly and I (Jackie) were over at Mary Jo's, standing in the kitchen, polishing off some Chardonnay, ( sound familiar ladies? ) talkin' about the Red Thong thing again. We really felt and knew there was a HUGE need for a cool and fun group of women to connect from our unique generation. A group to encourage and educate all of our girlfriends, not only from our generation, but all our younger sister generations on the benefits of staying hip, beautiful and chic forever. We will never give in or stop fighting for what we believe in, and above all, we will Fight Frump Forever, and one way to do that is to never stop wearing Hip-Huggers and Bell Bottoms! We played with combining the panty and foot thong together, and we came up with The Blue Thong Society.

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