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Craft Styles 2013


Craft Trends

Michaels Reveals Top Craft Trends For 2013:

Nostalgia, eco-chic and unexpected materials inspire new project ideas

Michaels, North America's largest arts and crafts specialty retailer, uses the latest trends to make sure its shelves are stocked with an exciting, updated product mix and its website is packed with creative new ideas. Here are the newest crafting trends for 2013:

Nostalgia/vintage: This vintage craft trend harkens back to childhood and invokes images of grandma's house, but interprets them in fresh, new ways using dramatic scale, different colors and unusual applications. Key elements include jumbo pom-poms; chalkboard paint and paper; doilies that are dip-dyed and molded into interesting shapes; lace in many forms and materials; and laser-cut frames for art and home décor. Mason jars come out of the pantry and become colorful, fun lanterns, drinking glasses and vases; and vintage book pages and newsprint are reimagined in banners, paper flowers and home décor surfaces.

Eco-chic brings nature into crafting with wood grain, natural fibers, rope, paper and cork. Key green/eco craft elements include raw, unfinished wood with an emphasis on the grain and affordable burlap on everything from pillows to spooled ribbon. Nature is imitated with paper-crafted flowers in tissue, recycled newsprint and scrapbooking papers that seem as fresh and new as the real thing.

Unexpected materials pop up in traditional crafts like wreaths, banners and garlands. Projects include wreaths made of photos, balloons, clothes pins, fabric remnants and more. Banners and garlands are personalized and embellished for all types of life celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and holidays. Embellishments include twine, ribbon and mixed-media elements.

Personalization continues strong into 2013, with initials and monograms showing up on all kinds of projects. Everyday objects like cell phone cases and shoes become one of a kind with any type of bling or embellishment imaginable.
"From home decorating to celebrations to seasonal projects and beyond, these trends will inspire DIYers throughout the year to try something new and different, or see an old favorite in a new way," said Michaels Trend and Design Director Becki Speakman . "We look forward to seeing how our customers interpret these trends in their own unique ways when they share their projects on our Facebook and Pinterest pages."

-- Michaels Stores, Inc.

Fairy Gardens and Garden Railroads

Fairy Gardens are still trendy. These tiny or miniature garden scenes work for any size sunny space. Little gardens fueled by imagination are suitable for an urban oasis, a child's garden, a sunny windowsill, or any garden in need of a bit of magic.

Tiny furniture and picket fences, glitter, mini plants, it's all in the imagination.

Garden Railroads - A garden railroad is a model railway system set up outdoors in a garden.


Robots are still trendy. Robot crafts, robot home decor, robot toys, robot lamps, robots for the desktop ... Robots still walk among us.


Metallics are warming up. Look for gold, burnished bronze and antiqued brass.

Upcycling with Wit and Whimsy

The upscale/sophisticated creative recycling trend has evolved into mixed media that combines craft motifs with literary references and Americana.


Spring 2013 Trends:

Lace - Used as both accent and the main focus, lace was spotted all over spring 2013's runways.

Leather used as both accent and the main focus. Leather harnesses.

Leather and lace combined.

Distressed leather.

Perforated leather and fabric cut-outs, sheers.

Denim and Chambray.

Woven accessories - worked in straw, raffia, rattan and jute, spring looks go from utilitarian to ultrachic with an urban attiude according to fashion industry insiders.

Rope - In jewelry. As embellishment.





Crystals used on everything from sunnies and shoes, to tops and trenches.






Bib necklaces

Cuff bracelets - Big and bold or light and lacy, the look is longer.



Sea life



Opalescent Stones



Black and white



(see also Color Trends 2013)



Trends from Paperworld 2013

Exceptional Style : Modern and elegant incorporating a touch of extravagance and masculine charm.

Formal Taste : Top quality and handicrafts skills are supplemented by perfect clarity.

Modern View : Feminine, creative and romantic.




Nautical - The nautical style has sailed into all categories of gift and home decor regardless of whether you reside near the sea or the city, and is still on trend for 2013.


Chevron is still trendy.

American Made

Made in the USA products.

Classic American-style.

Customized Jackets and Jeans

Choose your embellishments and your style, and let your imagination take your jean jacket to the next level.

Jeans are revisiting the 80's with acid washes, prints, and splashes of color. A 70's take includes embroidery, patchwork and lace.

Graphic Art

Pop art and line drawings are trendy in fashion and design.

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember those who have died. The celebration takes place on November 1 and 2. Even though the holiday directly follows Halloween, it is a separate holiday.

Motifs are colorful, featuring painted skulls with bright floral and fantasy designs, also whimsical skeletons.

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