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Halloween Trends 2005


10/17/05 - In addition to candy and decorations, more than half of American consumers - 53.3% - will buy a Halloween costume, spending an average of $31.88. Nearly one-third of adults (31.5%) plan to wear a costume as well.

This year, princesses reign as the number one costume choice for kids:

2005 Top Kids' Costume Choices

1. Princess: 11.8% (3.77 million)

2. Witch: 5.2% (1.66 million)

3. Spiderman: 4.5% (1.43 million)

4. Monster: 4.1% (1.3 million)

5. Darth Vader: 3.9% (1.26 million)

2005 Top Adult Costume Choices

1. Witch: 16.4% (3.92 million)

2. Vampire: 6.0% (1.44 million)

3. Actor/Famous Person: 3.3% (784,625)

From a trendy event to a fixed place in the party calendar: in recent years Halloween has developed into a major festive season for the trade, third only to Christmas and Easter.

Example: From 1995 to 2002 alone, the revenues generated by Pumpkin, Ghost & Co. rose from 10 million to 180 million, according to a management consultants study. Decorative products for the garden and home, festive 'horror' party decor, costumes and Halloween cosmetics - the range of special Halloween articles is extensive.

"The trade sees the latest product developments annually at Christmasworld where Halloween has been growing in importance from year to year", says Jutta Baumann, Christmasworld Event Manager. "Halloween is not limited solely to October 31. As during the run-up to Christmas, decorations are put up weeks beforehand. Additionally, parties are planned and costumes made so that Halloween is characterised by an incomparable spectrum of ideas and creativity."

The trend towards autumnal / horror decorations is confirmed by Heidrun Sandvoss, Product Manager of Terrex Handels-AG: "Particularly in demand are decorative Halloween articles, for example pumpkin wind lights, scarecrows and table decorations. In other words, products that not only celebrate Halloween but also set autumnal accents." According to Brigitte Steinmitz of Abama Muting GmbH, "Halloween will continue to play a major role in the coming years. Our experience is that the subject has grown continuously in importance over recent years."

7/26/05 - With Halloween just around the corner, Just Born, Inc., makers of Marshmallow Peeps, is scaring up new treats for Peeps fans. The new Marshmallow Peeps Decorating Kit for Halloween lets you decorate and personalize Peeps pumpkins. It comes with a four-count tray of orange pumpkins, one tube of black Cake Mate gel, and on-pack decorating and usage ideas. Also new are the 3-D Delightfills chocolate cream-filled Peeps marshmallow candy, which are available in six-count packs.

This year, the typical consumer will spend about $45 on Halloween treats, costumes, and decorations, says Ellen Tolley, spokesperson for the National Retail Federation. But choosing which items consumers will buy is a challenge for retailers, she explains, because orders must be placed months in advance. "Retailers try to identify trends and look at what has sold well in the past," Tolley says. "Each year they keep an eye on which items sell best. Even within a category, like party goods, retailers follow specific things - like maybe candles sold but people didn't buy Halloween napkins," she said.

Halloween home decor continues as a growth category.

Two newer categories that have proved their popularity are outdoor lawn decorations that feature lights and/or fiber optics, and motion sensitive props that come to life and scream, cackle or moan when someone walks by. New products in these categories are expected to sell well this year.

"Fiber optic pumpkins and witches were big last year and we anticipate they'll continue this year," says Joseph Purifico, CEO of Halloween Adventure stores. "The whole outdoor decorating venue has just exploded," he adds. "Every year manufacturers create new figures - more things that talk, fly, scream, light-up, or glow-in-the dark. Another hot category is specialty music CDs. More and more people in the music industry are putting out recordings for Halloween that feature haunted house music and creepy songs."

A popular item last year was walkway lights. Designed to line both sides of a path or driveway, the lights feature mini-orange pumpkins, tiny ghosts and green, glowing spiders. Purifico expects the walkway lights to be a big hit this year.

Halloween 2005 is predicted to feature two blockbuster movies - the final Star Wars epic, "Revenge of the Sith," and "Batman Begins." In "Batman Begins," Batman starts out as a ninja. So, all things ninja - sashes, weapons, etc. expected to be popular.


Novelties with a retro feel were big sellers among adults last year. The collectible nature of the items coupled with nostalgia translated into big selling points. In the children's novelty category the old-school classics were also popular. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Wolfman were popular design motifs available on everything from pencil toppers to novelty candies. They sold well among parents and teachers seeking less-scary novelties and party favors for home and school trick-or-treating. Expect suppliers to feature new innovations and expand on what has already proven to be successful.

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