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halloween 2007

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Halloween Trends 2011



Halloween Costumes

Top Halloween Costumes For 2011

Zombie, Vampire, Princess Costumes Top Consumers’ Halloween Favorites

This Halloween, the trendiest costume is - literally - coming back from the dead. According to NRF’s 2011 Top Costumes survey, conducted by BIGresearch, more than 2.6 million men, women and children plan to dress as zombies this Halloween. Due to the popularity of the characters in recent books, television shows and video games, zombie costumes jumped from number 22 last year to number nine on children’s top costume list and from number seven to four on the adult list.

Americans are expected to spend $2.5 billion on Halloween costumes this year, according to an NRF survey, forking over $1 billion on children’s costumes, $1.2 billion on adult costumes, and $310 million on pet costumes. The average person will spend $72.31 on Halloween candy, costumes and decor, bringing total spending to $6.86 billion - the most in the survey’s nine-year history.

“Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, as adults are just as likely to get in on the fun with clever, unique costumes,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “With Halloween falling on a Monday, restaurants and retailers will benefit as many Americans celebrate all weekend long.”

As in previous years, traditional costumes still rank as consumer favorites. Witches (13.4%) will be the top choice for adults while pirates (3.9%) and vampires (3.7%) win out thanks to popular television, movie and pop-culture characters. Batman (2.2%), cats (2.2%) and vixens (2.1%) will also be popular with adults this year.

Over 46 million children are planning their specific costume. Pint-sized princesses (11%) continue their seven-year reign as the top children’s costume while other top choices for kids include Spiderman (3.1%), Batman (2.4%) and Superman (1.3%). Additionally, fairies (2.6%), Disney princesses (2.2%) and vampires (2.4%) made the top 10 for children.

Man’s best friend is also getting into the Halloween spirit this year. Like last year, the most popular pet costume will be a pumpkin (10.7%), with devils (8.1%) and hot dogs (6.0%) following closely behind. Ironically, some pet owners also plan to dress their pet up like a cat (3.7%) or a dog (2.0%).

Top Adult Costumes:

Batman Character
Scary costume/mask

Top Children's Costumes:

Action/Super hero
Disney Princess
Star Wars Characters

Top Pet Costumes:

Hot dog
Bowties/fancy collars/bandanas

--About the Survey: NRF’s 2011 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, was designed to gauge consumer behavior and shopping trends related to the Halloween season. The poll of 9,374 consumers was conducted from September 6 -14, 2011. The consumer poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.0 percent.

Movie Releases to Influence Costume Trends for Halloween 2011

Green Lantern

Harry Potter


Fright Night

Captain America


Transformers 3

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Cars 2



The Joker (still trendy)


Red Riding Hood


Halloween Costume Trends

Steampunk continues to be popular.




Jersey Shore

Sexy, with the option of showing less or more. More costumes to be made of woven fabric for higher quality and to create a more flattering silhouette.






Bright Colored wigs, extensions, eyelashes, nail colors

Lady GaGa

Halloween Crafts and Decor Style

Elegance: Elegant Halloween decorating - Lace, Victorian, Gothic, pumpkins with sparkle and shimmer, chandeliers, wreaths, candelabras, potion bottles.

Spooky: Consumers moving away from cutesy in favor of a more adult style.

Words and phrases

Retro looks, type and symbols used in contemporary designs.

Gray, charcoal and black pair with deep wine red, or with bright green, purple and orange.



Alchemy, crystals

Glitter is everywhere

Tombstone texture




Window posters


Gauzy fabric / cheesecloth

Trees and branches

Framed artwork

Outdoor light-up decor

Quality and durability

Items that can be displayed throughout the entire Fall season.

Halloween Yard Art


Graveyard scenes

Outdoor chandeliers

Owls, Crows, Ravens





Lighted decor

Items that can be displayed throughout the entire Fall season

Window posters


Spooky trees

Halloween Pet Trends

Pet pampering and gift giving continues. Look for Halloween pet portraits, costume contests, and pet parades.

Halloween pet products include costumes, made-for-pets temporary hair color, Halloween shaped baked and frosted treats, catnip filled pumpkins, holiday-themed toys, designer Halloween pet carriers, edible rawhide Halloween cards, and illuminated collars and leads.

Halloween Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau and Agricultural Facts for Halloween, Oct. 31, 2011

The estimated number of trick-or-treaters in 2010, aged 5 to 14 - across the U.S .- 41 million.

Number of occupied housing units across the nation in 2010 estimated visited by trick-or-treaters. -116.7 million.

Jack-o'-Lanterns and Pumpkin Pies : Estimated at 1.1 billion pounds.

Pumpkin production by major pumpkin-producing states in 2010: Illinois produced an estimated 427 million pounds. California, New York and Ohio - each with an estimated 100 million pounds.

Consumers Eager to Have a Frightfully Good Time This Halloween - 161 Million People Plan on Celebrating Halloween, Highest in Survey's Nine-Year History

Ghouls and goblins galore, Halloween celebrations will be BOOming this year as more people than ever are expected to partake in traditional festivities. According to National Retail Federation's 2011 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey conducted by BIGresearch, seven in 10 Americans (68.6%) plan to celebrate Halloween, up from 63.8 percent last year and the most in NRF's nine-year survey history.

Those celebrating are expected to spend slightly more too; the average person will shell out $72.31 on decorations, costumes and candy, up from $66.28 last year. Total Halloween spending is expected to reach $6.86 billion.

"Eager to shake off the summer heat and forget about the economy for a few days, Americans are looking forward to having some fun this Halloween," said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

"Many retailers have already stocked their shelves with Halloween merchandise and, given the popularity of the holiday this year, consumers should not hesitate when they find something that would make their celebration complete."

The survey found this year's celebrations will be far from tempered as more people plan to dress in costume (43.9% vs. 40.1% in 2010), throw or attend a party (34.3% vs. 33.3% last year) and visit a haunted house (22.9% vs. 20.8% in 2010.)

Additionally, half (49.5%) will decorate their home/yard and 14.7 percent will dress their pets in costume.

Other traditional celebratory activities include handing out candy (73.5%), carving a pumpkin (47.8%) and taking children trick-or-treating (32.9%).

With celebrations increasing, spending is expected to slightly increase across the board as well. The average consumer is expected to spend $26.52 on costumes. This year, Americans will spend $1 billion on children's costumes, up from $840 million last year, and $1.21 billion on adult costumes, up from $990 million last year. Additionally, pet owners will shell out $310 million on pint size devils, pumpkins and witch costumes.

When it comes to decorations, more people this year than in the survey's history will buy life-size skeletons, extra large inflatable pumpkins and fake cob webs, spending an average of $19.79. Spending on Halloween decor is second only to spending on Christmas decorations. Festive celebrants will also buy candy ($21.05) and greeting cards ($4.96.)

"Thanks to creative costumes and decor for consumers of all ages, Halloween has become one of the most anticipated holidays of the year for many people," said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director, BIGresearch. As a non-gift holiday, even people on the strictest budget can enjoy themselves this Halloween."

Consumers aren't completely blowing caution to the wind this year, however. According to the survey, nearly one-third (32.1%) say the state of the U.S. economy will impact their Halloween plans. To compensate, most say they will try to spend less overall (87.1%). Others will make a costume instead of purchasing one (18.9%), use last year's costume (16.6%) and buy less candy (40.2%.)

Retailers Continue To Display Halloween Early

Halloween decor is still trending up, often displayed with seasonal fall merchandise. Look for displays, discounts and promotions to creep into the "Back-to-School" season.

The boom in Halloween business continues to grow each year, and is the second-biggest decorating holiday of the year - behind Christmas.

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend more than $5 billion on Halloween this year, including decorations, candy, costumes and parties.

Pumpkin Shortage

Northeastern U.S. states are facing a Jack-O'-Lantern shortage this Halloween after Hurricane Irene destroyed hundreds of pumpkin patches across the region. Wholesale prices have doubled in some areas, farmers are trying to buy pumpkins from other regions. Hurricane Irene blew through the Northeast in late August, overflowing rivers and flooding farm fields. Additionally, pumpkin farmers had been having a tough year due to heavy rains.

Halloween In April

Halloween-In-April, or Halfway-to-Halloween parties are trending up.


Falloween (fawl.oh.WEEN) n. An extended celebration or observance of Halloween, often beginning several weeks before the day; the retail season that extends from the beginning of fall through Halloween and Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Halloween Monday

Halloween falls on a Monday this year - look for a full weekend of parties and activities to continue into Monday trick-or-treating, office parties, adult and children's parties, school activities, haunted houses, pet events, nightlife, neighborhood gatherings and community events... varied opportunities for costume wear, party and home decor.

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