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halloween 2007

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Halloween Trends 2013



Halloween Costumes

Movie Releases to Influence Costume Trends for Halloween 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful

The Lone Ranger

Iron Man 3

The Great Gatsby

Star Trek into the Darkness

Superman: Man of Steel

Monsters University

The Smurfs 2

The Wolverine

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Thor: The Dark World

Halloween Costume Trends 2013




Grim Reaper




Individuality - Create your own concept.

Humorous costumes are trending up.

Sexy, with the option of showing less or more. Less lingerie style, more wearable.

Rave Costumes.


Separates and accessories: Sequins and glitter, feathers, wigs, extensions, eyelashes, makeup, nail colors, tutus, shoes, masks and hats.




Fibre optics.

Halloween Crafts and Decor Style

Humor: Fun and humorous Halloween decorating.

Zombie: The Zombie craze is still going strong. Zombie Wedding is a fresh take on the trend.


Items that can be displayed throughout the entire Fall season.

Polka Dots


Vintage style

Primitive / handcrafted style

Tabletop seeing layered patterns and colors. Styles and colors include black, silver and skulls, handcrafted/repurposed, and neutrals with a pop of seasonal color.

Words and phrases

Tabletop, pillows and throws, wall hangings and rugs.




Fibre optics.


Halloween Yard Art



Graveyard scenes.

Vintage style.

Large hanging, poseable, or animated Ghouls and Goblins.

Owls, Crows, Ravens.





Lighted decor

Items that can be displayed throughout the entire Fall season.

Window posters.


Spooky trees.

Halloween Pet Trends

Pet pampering and gift giving continues.

Halloween pet portraits, costume contests, pet parties, pet costume parades and community events.

Halloween pet products include apparel and costumes, made-for-pets temporary hair color and dog-safe washable spray paint, Halloween shaped treats, catnip filled pumpkins, holiday-themed toys, designer Halloween pet carriers, illuminated collars and leads.

The National Retail Federation's 2012 Halloween consumer spending survey reported the top pet costumes 2012:

1. Pumpkin 2. Devil 3. Hot Dog 4. Cat 5. Bee 6. Dog / Ghost (tie) 7. Superhero 8. Witch 9. Bowties 10. Superman


Halloween Statistics

The boom in Halloween business continues to grow each year, and is the second-biggest decorating holiday of the year - behind Christmas.

In 2011The National Retail Federation estimated that Americans would spend more than $5 billion on Halloween, including decorations, candy, costumes and parties.

The NRF's 2012 Halloween consumer spending survey reported a record 170 million people planned to celebrate Halloween and were expected to spend $79.82 on decorations, costumes, candy and parties, with total Halloween spending estimated to reach $8 billion.

Retailers Continue To Display Halloween Early

Halloween decor is still trending up, often displayed with seasonal fall merchandise. Look for displays, discounts and promotions to continue creeping into the "Back-to-School" season.

Halloween In April

Aprilween (Halloween-In-April), or Halfway-to-Halloween parties are trending up.


Falloween (fawl.oh.WEEN) n. An extended celebration or observance of Halloween, often beginning several weeks before the day; the retail season that extends from the beginning of fall through Halloween and Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Halloween Thursday

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year - look for an extended weekend of parties and activities. Trick-or-treating, office parties, adult and children's parties, school activities, haunted houses, pet events, nightlife, neighborhood gatherings and community events... varied opportunities for costume wear, party and home decor.

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