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More families are 'hiving' in homes, experts say

In the '80s we "cocooned." Now, we are "hiving." Family, neighborhoods are now much more important.

Signs of hiving:

*The huge popularity of home decorating shows, aiming to make the home a more accessible living space.

*Increasing numbers of people working from home.

*Cell phone companies highlighting the ability to keep people connected; "family" cell phone plans are highlighted.

*Rising interest in neighborhood "watches" and neighborhood traffic control.

*Board games - old ones and newer ones - enjoying double-digit growth for the past few years.

*Increasing interest in "home" crafts, such as scrapbooking and knitting.

*More "home-party selling".

*New trends in housing construction, such as "walkable neighborhoods" combining retail and living spaces.

*Large TVs and media centers in "great rooms" designed for entertaining.

*Outdoor kitchens.

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