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Home Fragrances 2006


Flameless Fragrance

4/5/06 - Unlike candles, Warming Scents™ require no flame. Warming Scents™ is a decorative jar filled with a colorful, water based fragrance that is released as soon as the lid is opened and enhanced when used with electric warmers. Warming Scents™ is a new concept in flameless fragrance products because its consistency allows light to brightly shine through the product unlike candle wax. And, since it is water based, as the product evaporates, you simply add water to revive the fragrance gel. Available in 24 fragrance and color combinations.

New World Headquarters for Lampe Avenue

4/5/06 - Lampe Avenue, a home fragrance manufacturer, recently acquired and has begun the restoration and remodeling of an historic building in downtown Pittsburg, Texas. The building, originally built for the local newspaper, will serve as the new world headquarters for Lampe Avenue LP. "This move is the next step in Lampe Avenue's strategic mission to provide our retailers with the best possible customer service and home fragrance products available on the market today," said Michael Mayben, president and chief executive officer.

Reed Diffusers

1/25/06 - Reed diffusers: Seen everywhere at market. Xela was the first to bring this scented idea to market after the company owner found them in Greece. - many other companies have followed suit. Diffusers, aromatic lamps, and other products in the no-flame home fragrance genre are hot items.

Reed diffusers use a bouquet of wooden sticks to release subtle scent all day. The design resembles a floral arrangement and adds beauty as well as fragrance to a room.

Crabtree & Evelyn Facelifts Brand with Four Major Launches for Spring 2006

12/1/05 - As part of its strategy to reposition and redefine the brand, Crabtree & Evelyn is investing aggressively in new products for 2006. Drawing on its 30-year old expertise in botanical formulations, the company is positioning itself as a specialty brand that offers an on-trend, naturally-based product offering for consumers aged 25-55. The Spring 06 product line-up will cover key categories such as natural body care, facial skin care, exotic-inspired body care and seasonal home fragrance. Key marketing initiatives include PR, sampling, in-store collateral and promotions.


A line of 35 body care products. Aimed at a younger, hip consumer, the line combines on-trend packaging design, unexpected fragrance blends and active natural ingredients. The line also rounds out the brand's offering of product categories and non-floral fragrances. New product categories include body butters, in-shower mousses, in-shower moisturizers and body polishers and body moisturizers.

Innovative, natural formulations deliver high performance benefits and textures without synthetic ingredients of parabens, mineral oil and synthetic dyes. Each product is individually formulated to create a complete sensory experience of texture, fragrance and benefit. High performance natural ingredients - including soothing Myrtle, refining Sugar Cane, clarifying Lemongrass, nourishing Edamame, toning Ivy and purifying Sage - are enhanced by the olfactory benefits of 15 proprietary fragrance blends.

Exotic and unexpected fragrance blends include Olive, Almond and Myrtle, Mango and Grapefruit, Lemon Grass and Brown Sugar, Edamame, Rice and Bamboo, Milk, Soy and Sugar, Mint, Fennel and Ivy, and Black Tea, Vetiver and Sugarcane. Product line up includes 4 Shower Mousses, 4 Body Butters, 6 Body Mists, 5 Body Bars, 2 Body Polishers, 2 Body Scrubs, 4 In-shower Moisturizers, 4 Body Milks and 4 Body Washes.


Skin Care Remedy and Routine. This individualized, high performance skin care line of products has been designed to nurture a woman's individual beauty with simple, targeted solutions. The proven power of plant essences is fused with leading-edge active ingredients that focus on preventative and corrective care. Formulas are targeted, corrective solutions that address specific skin imbalances such as redness, blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, dark circles, dehydration and lip feathering. Infused with alpine flower extracts that act as powerful anti-oxidants - distill daily skin care to its very essence with cleansing, nourishing and protective benefits.

Pure grade natural ingredients of collagen-boosting Bilberry, soothing Willowherb, skin-brightening Mullberry, skin-firming Japanese Seaweed, oil-absorbing Pumpkin Seed and anti-oxidant alpine flowers are combined with a more potent, natural form of retinol, Retinyl-palmitate, lip-plumping Oligopeptides complex, super hydrator Sodium Hyaluronate and anti-ageing vitamin C.


Tapping into the bohemian chic fashion trend with its exotic fragrance and body care collection. Initially introduced as a limited edition in 2004, SARAWAK is inspired by the beauty and harmony of the mystical Tree of Life - revered by the native people of the vast Malaysian rainforests north of Borneo. A delicate blend of orchid, wild ginger, rice flower and bamboo, Sarawak is reintroduced with a more extensive product line-up including Creamy Body Wash, Body Butter, Gentle Body Scrub, Soap, Room Spray and Environmental Oil. The second introduction within the collection is NADIRA - a sensuous blend of gardenia, Moroccan rose and precious sandalwood - that captures the mood and feeling of French Morocco with vibrant pink/turquoise decorative packaging and exotic fragrance. Product line-up includes Eau de Toilette, Salt Scrub, Body Oil Spray, Body Meringue, Moisturizing Soap, Bath & Shower Gel, Demi-Candles, Room Spray and Environmental Oil.


Seasonal home fragrance program with eight new fragrances per year. Driven by fashion and interiors trends, the Spring 06 collection of four fragrances is inspired by original vintage wallpapers and fabrics: SALT AIR - an oceanic fragrance: WAIKIKI , inspired by Hawaii - the tropical scent of mango blossoms, pink grapefruits and vanilla: WINDOW BOX - a bouquet of sweet peas, bluebells and hyacinth: TUSCAN CYPRESS - a blend of Mediterranean cypress and green figs.

New fragrance deliveries include Salt Air Scented Beach Glass Potpourri and Beach Glass Hanging Charm. Products include 4 Room Sprays, 5 Potpourris, 4 Candles, 2 Environmental Oils (Salt Air/Tuscan Cypress), 2 Incense Diffusers.


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