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Jewelry Trends 2005


Layered Necklaces

12/16/05 - Indicating that the trend has legs, layered necklaces came in as the second-most popular gift for women among all types of holiday gifts, with 15 percent of shoppers naming them as the best gift for women this season in consumer survey, "Shopping in America: Holiday 2005." The report finds that the average consumer will spend $655 on holiday gifts, with 11 percent purchasing jewelry.


12/16/05 - Though necklaces and cocktail rings are fashion magazine favorites, according to a recent Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC) survey, earrings topped respondents' gift lists for women, with 48.9 percent favoring them. Other popular women's jewelry gifts included necklaces, 38.1 percent, bracelets with 32.4 percent and colored gemstone fashion jewelry with 16.9 percent.

Jewelry Top-Sellers

12/02/05 - Online shopping destination cites a freshwater pearl cultured necklace, a sterling silver inspirational bracelet and 14-karat yellow gold hoop earrings as its top-selling jewelry items so far this holiday season. Amazon's jewelry bestsellers by unit sales, the pieces-priced at $35, $25 and $25, respectively-are all part of the Collection, according to a release, which announced the top-selling items between Nov. 1 and Nov. 22.

The Color Of Ice

11/29/05 - Gemstones in a variety of hues -- everything from amethyst to pink topaz to lemon citrine.

One of the featured pieces in the Harry Winston jewelry collection this fall is a $3 million ring with a 5 1/2-carat diamond between two smaller shield-shaped stones.The middle diamond is orange.

Colored gemstones are hot. Available in a variety of shades, grades, and price ranges, they are being incorporated into everything from teardrop earrings to bulky bangles and Renaissance-inspired collars.

Custom Grill

10/16/05 - The custom grill: A cosmetic dental fixture that has been gaining recognition. Grills are bejeweled accessories that come in both removable and permanent varieties (think retainers and braces). High-end versions are made with gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds, and cost anywhere from $50 to $30,000. Athletes and musicians, both male and female, comprise a large part of grill clientele.

Bangles and Necklaces Swing This Season

10/11/05 - For centuries, jewelry has symbolized both style and sentiment. After several seasons of big-time bling, trendsetters are seeking pieces that blend fashion with spirit. Bobbie Thomas, style expert and and co-host of Fashion Police!, presents the latest trends in meaningful jewelry.

Wear and share bracelets : Pass forward kindness and good fortune with Good Charma's bracelets. Meant to be shared and doled out to your favorite friends, much like the rubber and string-tied styles we swapped as children. With themes like peace, love and luck, stars such as Meg Ryan have loaded up. Beyonce likes to mix themes and layer both silver and gold, while Material Girl turned Kabbalah Queen Madonna can't get enough and owns at least one hundred. The hand-beaded bracelets are available in sets of 6. $200-400,

Stars get spiritual : Celebrities like Demi Moore and Molly Sims flipped for Jodi Guber's Beyond Malas' collection, which is a take off on old world traditional prayer beads. Personalize your necklace from a selection of 77 different charms, which aim to attract different energies and manifest your deepest desires. Even Deepak Chopra is a fan! Charms start $30 and necklaces start $250,

Treasures of fertility : Hollywood's baby boom has moms such as Heidi Klum and Britney Spears embracing jewelry from Energymuse. Moonstone beads are believed to bring forth fruitfulness and fertility while accompanying images of divine mothers such as Quan Yin and Virgin Mary represent intuition, hope, happiness and new beginnings. The necklaces can be combined with other pieces to deepen meaning, such as love, tranquility and protection. Prices start at $70-$500 depending on styles and materials,

Fierce protection : Shark teeth are a biting trend that both men and women are sporting from Brad Pitt to Lindsay Lohan. Surf legend has it that the fangs are meant to protect the wearer and ward off evil. Don't worry, no sharks were harmed in the name of fashion. They continually shed their teeth and grow new ones. $295-$1500 at Kaviar and Kind, 310-659-8857

A present from the past : What's old is hot again thanks to Only One reconstructed vintage. Rare trinkets are reworked into one-of-a-kind styles that have drawn celebrity fans including Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. The designer's first-ever creation, the "Charming" ring, is now mass replicated due to high demand, but all other items in this collection are hand crafted. The truly original pieces are well worth the wait. Prices start at $190 and go up depending on materials and custom orders, 800-880-1611

Bejeweled bangles : The bohemian trend has taken a back seat to fall's luxe vibe, but retiring your summer staple of wood bracelets may leave your arms feeling a bit naked in the midst. Bejeweled bangles like Intuition's chunky crystal versions are a brilliant way to sparkle this season. $55,

Hot hoops : Stylish women everywhere are safely storing their more ornate chandelier and door knocker earrings. Basics are back, and classics hoops have a fresh twist this fall. Halle Berry proved that simple is sexy on the Emmy Red Carpet. She left her diamonds behind, and opted for Robert Lee Morris' fashion-forward circles, while a slew of other celebrities can't get enough of Gorjana's drop-and-dangle sleek swingers. Robert Lee Morris Hoops, available in three sizes, $125, $195, and $295, Gorjana's available in both silver and gold vermeil, $45,


China Set to Become World's Largest Jewelry Consumer

China is set to surpass India as the world's largest consumer of jewelry in the next few years, according to figures that show a 13.9 percent increase in gold and jewelry sales. China's retail sales of gold jewelry rose more than 11 percent to 224 tons in 2004, according to GFMS research. In the first half of 2005, the retail sales volume of 1,000 of China's major gold, silver and jewelry companies increased by 13.9 percent. China's diamond import reached $900m in the first six months of 2005, up 17.5 percent from the previous year.

Yellow Gold is Back

8/24/05 - "We're seeing a huge resurgence for fall and winter," says Helena Krodel, jewelry industry spokeswoman. "It started with the summer, with all of the bohemian trends and a lot of the ethnic looks. Yellow gold lends itself really well to a more ethnic look." Fashion's warmer colors for the coming colder months - such as browns and yellows - just look better with matching, more opulent jewelry, Krodel says. "It's a very luxurious look."

In fashion magazines and on runways, gold jewelry has begun to take hold. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez have been photographed wearing head-to-toe yellow gold. On the September cover of Marie Claire magazine, actress Reese Witherspoon wears yellow-gold bangles and hoop earrings. Gold is decorating the hottest handbags and most stylish shoes, Krodel says. Warm metallic trims and embellishments are also seen on sweaters, tunics and jackets.

Some jewelry experts, however, say the trend toward yellow gold was developing long before fashion designers worked up a fall color palette. With prices of platinum soaring, consumers have been looking for less expensive way to accessorize. "Platinum is sort of slowing down," says Richard Swetz, chairman of the Board of the IJO. "The price of platinum is almost double the price of gold. And with the economy being what it is, and with gas prices being so high, the average American is feeling a little pinch here." Jewelry manufacturers pay metal refiners about $438 for an ounce of gold - up from $406 last year, Swetz says. They pay about $890 for an ounce of platinum.

GIA to implement New Grading System on Jan. 1

8/08/05 -The Gemological Institute of America said today that it will begin issuing new grading reports on Jan. 1, 2006. For round brilliant cut diamonds in the GIA D-to-Z color range and Flawless-to-I3 clarity range, the new reports will include a cut grade to accompany the color, clarity, and carat weight information that has been the core of the International Diamond Grading System developed by the Institute more than 50 years ago.

For additional information about the GIA Diamond Cut Grading System and related materials, visit

Homeschoolers Marking Graduation with Class Rings they Design

As homeschooling has become more widespread, families across the US have organized everything from HS proms to yearbooks. And one of the fastest-growing trends has been for homeschooled teens, particularly girls, to order class rings designed to reflect their hobbies, interests, and often their faith.

Jewelry departments at stores such as Wal-Mart and Target have begun marketing to the homeschooler community, with catalogs displaying styles, stones and emblems. The individualized class rings have become a cottage industry directed at the homeschooler community. Jostens, among the top designers of class rings : "It was really a combination of us taking a look at a new opportunity, but also us being asked for this by parents," said Rich Stoebe, Jostens director of communications. "A lot of people don't realize that graduating from homeschool is still, to the graduate, a significant event. And those families often want to mark that event in the traditional ways."

Seen and Heard at BaselWorld

7/10/05 - Jewelry and watches created for the high-end market were in great demand, but the more commercial pieces were also sought after at the show. White gold jewelry with diamonds is always treasured, but even the jewelry in yellow, pink or multicolored gold attracted attention, as long as it was innovative in shape and embellished with colored stones and diamonds.

There was particular interest in watches that were showy, colorful and rich in precious gems; topping the favorites were oversized watches with diamonds on the watchcase and face and a lot of color, especially pastel shades.

Jewelry Trends

Flowers, butterflies and other elements of nature still represented the biggest trends in jewelry fashion. Enrico Capra, an expanding Italian brand, has created rings on which a soft diamond-studded white gold marine star is placed. On the star are movable balls attached to little chains in green tourmaline, briolette amethyst and pink quartz. Carrera y Carrera, the famous Spanish brand celebrating 120 years of business this year, presented among its novelties the Bambu collection, which includes a large round medallion representing stylized bamboo, a good luck charm in Far East culture. It is created in white gold with diamond pave; the necklace consists of four strings of spheres in green agate. In the Panama collection, Antonini presented rings with assorted pairs of green beryllium, pink morganite, aquamarine and smoky quartz with a "ceiling" mounting in yellow or white gold with diamonds.

The embroidery motif is featured in jewelry by Stefan Hafner, an Italian brand. Made of white gold with diamonds mounted in griffes on flexible pieces "tied" by gold threads highlighted by black diamonds. Geneva-based De Grisogono showcased large spheres of turquoise, amethyst drops, aquamarine and briolette cut yellow quartz. The piece is adorned with 5.12 carats of white diamonds embedded in white gold.

Dianish Jewels of the Navin Gems Group, a company that specializes in the creation of jewels with superior-quality diamonds, presented three new lines. In particular, the XI'AN line is inspired by the East and has a white gold half-moon covered in diamond pave.

Chopard presented white gold rings with exceptional diamonds. Among these was a ring with a 17.12-carat D flawless emerald-cut diamond set with 0.58 carats of diamonds of various sizes. Round diamonds are embedded in the stem bed of the stone. Dalumi's new line, Les Nuances, of white and yellow diamonds set in yellow and white gold was a big success.

From H. Stern, the Golden Stones collection included a necklace with twisted chain in red gold with a white gold stone-shaped pendant covered in diamond pave.

The label Tenthio by Sofia of New York chose BaselWorld for its debut in the European market. The Corimbo Cuff "slave" bracelet made of yellow gold string that creates harmonious motifs with precious gems such as amethyst, citrine, round cut pink sapphires and diamond pave.

Brazilian company Ruth Greco chose various shades of green - the trendiest color of this season - for its Atlantic Forest collection, a soft combination of white gold leaf motifs illuminated by diamond pave with tourmalines, peridot and emeralds of various cuts. Seculus put the Movement collection, which groups jewels with many multicolored gems, into its Origem line - pendants of briolette drop clusters, diamonds and triangular pieces pierced in yellow gold.

Dali Diamond has created a new collection of jewels with WebCut diamonds in collaboration with designer Stephen Webster. First presented in Las Vegas, the collection is currently aimed at selected top retailers in the U.S., U.K. and Russia.

Watch Trends

Multicolored briolette cut sapphires dangle from the diamond-covered cases of the 20 chronographs by Meyers. Small diamond leaves are embedded in the faces of these watches.

Elini Design has designed a series of watches and chronographs with diamond-studded cases and charms symbolizing good luck. Elini has reached an agreement with Paris Hilton for the creation of two new watch lines: The first will be in gold, platinum and diamonds and the second will be a more commercial line of watches.

-- Clara Dodino and Cristina Bellavista

7/01/05 - Trends

Antique-style diamond jewelry of Art Deco and Victorian influence in geometric designs and lacey looks...Unusual color compositions..Rose gold, as well as beads and charms...Bright-colored watches...Dramatic earrings- long drops with three stations, each showy, each somewhat different with plenty of gemstones, diamonds and briolettes.


-The round brilliant remains a market favorite, with princess cut second but waning in popularity with escalating prices.

-Interest is increasing in other fancy shapes, such as radiant and oval.

-With rising diamond costs, consumers are compromising on size, clarity or color to avoid paying higher prices.

-Jewelers report difficulty in sourcing larger sizes and better qualities, particularly 1.25 carats and higher, VS quality or better.

-Basic solitaire-style earrings continue to be the most popular, but long linear looks are gaining in appeal.

-Many retailers say the bridal business is keeping them afloat.

Pandora Charm Bracelets

6/07/05 - A unique twist on an old idea has created a fashion trend and captured the eyes of stars. Pandora bracelets are "the" charm bracelets of the moment. They have been seen on celebrities like actress Christian Serratos, Eli Morales of "NYPD Blue" and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park. The bracelets are popular in part because you hand-pick the charms and because of how it is put together. It just screws in, and the spacer keeps the charm from moving around the bracelet.

Pandora bracelets begin at $19. Charms start at $15 and go up in price to around $300. For more information :

Columbus Jewelry Show announces dates

5/11/05 - The Columbus Jewelry Show, now in its 62nd year, has announced that its 2005 event will be held Aug. 13-14 at the Columbus Convention Center, in downtown Columbus, Ohio. "Blossom Your Business" is the theme of the 2005 show, which will offer a lineup of manufacturers and designers, along with a host of programs and informational opportunities for retailers.

For more than 5,000 retail jewelers and their buyers who do business in the Midwest, the show provides the opportunity to view new designs and creative trends and ideas offered by domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers. For more information, call (800) 652-6257.

5/11/05 - A recent study by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council advises retailers to direct their marketing efforts to female self-purchasers of fine jewelry, especially married women between the ages of 24 and 55. The JCOC said that women are becoming more empowered as their discretionary income and confidence levels continue to rise. More than 70 percent of consumers surveyed (+80 percent of whom were female) said they had bought fine jewelry for themselves, with 15 percent planning to buy more in the months leading up to October 2005. Earrings are favorites, with half of respondents desiring jewelry set with diamonds and colored gemstones.

BEADING: Fashioning beads into jewelry is the fastest-growing crafting trend in America, according to retailers,beading magazine publishers, and industry experts who follow crafting trends.

The Craft and Hobby Association cites a number of reasons for the popularity of the trend. Terri Ouellette, spokesperson for the association, says the trend is a multitasking hobby suited for a multitasking generation."You can do it while you're talking on the phone, waiting for dinner to bake or keeping an eye on the kids," Ouellette says. "Visit any bead aisle in any craft store, and you'll see the inventory is huge and getting larger all the time," Ouellette says. "Manufacturers have started making jewelry-making kits, targeting younger crafters and generally making it easier to get involved." "With a minimal investment, you can start out small and gradually increase your inventory of beads, skill level and involvement - all at your own pace."

CHARMS: After Sept. 11, people began looking for meaning and value in jewelry investments. The idea started with lockets and crosses, then charm bracelets made a big comeback. Celebrities started attaching them to jeans loops, sneakers, cell phones, and bags.

Seagull Pewter's "Message Connextion" bracelets combine two trends - charms and customization. These new bracelets have been seen on the wrists of celebrities.The custom bracelets were selected to be one of the gifts in the Grammy Awards gift baskets. Featuring an envelope locket on a leather or stainless steel mesh band, these bracelets offer a variety of ways to show your own personal sentiments. Each envelope, made of gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel, holds engraveable message cards that can be personalized with your sayings. To add that extra personal touch, the envelope locket can also be decorated with charms. Styles include letter monograms, animals, zodiac signs and more.

TRENDS: Several up-and-coming jewelry trends affirmed at Fall 2005 Fashion Week

Brooches: out.

Jewelry-inspired clothing details: in.

Ultra-long necklaces, earrings with moveable parts, and yellow gold were among the top jewelry trends.

Oversized pendants.

Cuff bracelets.

RIGHT-HAND RINGS: A new phase of the right-hand ring campaign. Launched in September 2003, the right-hand ring initiative has bolstered the fashion diamond ring category, which grew by 15 percent in 2004. The campaign will capitalize on a woman's desire to buy or receive jewelry beyond engagements and anniversaries, and show off her personal style.

Print ads will feature 15 new ring designs, with updated campaign slogans like "Your left hand says you're taken, your right hand says you can take over." The photographs and copy in the new ads target strong, independent women, and reflect a focus on personal feelings and experiences, according to DTC. About 39 percent of women are aware of the right-hand ring, DTC reports, showing an increase of 14 percent over 2004.


Two years ago women were collecting Native American jewelry. Then charms, brooches and ethnic beads took over. Now turquoise belts and jewelry are back in a big way for '05. During New York Fashion Week presentations turquoise was seen everywhere from high-heel sandals to pendants, belts, and more.

COCKTAIL RINGS: One of the biggest trends. A cocktail ring adds a touch of glam to any outfit. Bigger is better, and color is always a plus. And they should make you feel fabulous.
SPINNERS: Spinner is slang for the spinning vehicle rims. The decorative devices are spinning their way onto watches, necklaces and even teeth.

Designer David Fowlkes came up with the idea of spinning rims for a class project at Minneapolis College of Arts in 1992. Rhode Island-based manufacturer Davin Wheels picked up Fowlkes' invention, and after former Golden State Warrior Latrell Sprewell showed off the spinners during an MTV interview, a trend was born.

The spinner fashion revolution has also reached belts, shoes, and backpacks.

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