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Jewelry Trends 2010


Mixing It Up

Maybe the the trend is due to the sagging economy, and maybe gold accents on silver, scarves added to watches, and ribbons on pearl bracelets/necklaces were the first hints of things to come, but old rules no longer apply when it comes to *mixing up* jewelry. Wood, leather, ceramics, stainless steel, brass, enamel, woven fabrics, and more are adding an unexpected and decidedly cool edge when combined with precious metals and jewels.


Stacking, layering, mixing and matching - The look isn't studied or stuffy, a boho vibe that can go casual chic or all-out glam.


They're big, they're bold, and they're back...Chandelier Earrings.

Oscar Trends 2010

Blackened Metals.

Large Earrings.

Trend Elements

Chocolate Diamonds.



Clear Lucite.





Nature Inspired. Florals, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs.

Unusual Pairings

Mixed Media.

Big and Bold.



False Nudity

Ultra-light, airy designs focusing on light and transparency counterbalanced by minute details and rendered in milky pastel colors such as pale olive green, sugar-almond tones, salmon pink and deep powder blue.

Oversized Games

A theatrical stylization of nature with extravagantly sculptural, playful forms in shocking and acidic colors juxtaposed with cold, concrete neutrals.

Pure Chaos

Draped materials, layers and random imperfections in stones and metals. A mix of multicolors and monotones.

Divine Chimeras

Mismatched materials and hot oranges, reds and corals complemented by opaque shades of anthracite and brown. Pieces within the category are meant to unveil personal identity and express fantasy and escapism.

--courtesy of Gem Visions/Swarovski

Summer-The Natural Look

Cork, shells, bone, faux ivory, bamboo, stones, and wood are being used for jewelry. The look balances the white clothing trend, and compliments the weathered leather belts and wedge/platform shoes.

D'Annunzio Group to Launch New Lines in Vegas

D'Annunzio Group International will launch the Tweety Fine Jewelry and Judy by Judy Reinglass collections at the Luxury by JCK and JCK Las Vegas jewelry shows.

The Tweety Fine Jewelry collection, a partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, is the first-ever fine jewelry collection featuring and inspired by cartoon character Tweety. The collection will offer themed pendants, earrings and charms featuring diamonds, enamel and gemstones. It will also include the Tweety Platinum Blonde line of more subtly themed jewelry featuring diamond and yellow sapphire earrings, rings and bracelets with images of Tweety engraved on secret spots.

The Judy by Judy Reinglass collection will offer gemstone cocktail rings and gold pieces, priced from $1,500 to $25,000. Reinglass has designed jewelry since the 1970s. Her pieces have appeared on actress Uma Thurman, What Not to Wear host Stacy London and on the runways of fashion designer Kevan Hall.

Modern Bride Names 'Jacob the Jeweler' Trendsetter of the Year

Celebrity jeweler Jacob Arabo, the founder and CEO of Jacob & Co., has been named the jewelry trendsetter for 2006 by Modern Bride magazine. Arabo (aka "Jacob the Jeweler") has been recognized by the publication as having "shaped, influenced, re-imagined and in general, elevated the world of weddings to a whole new level." In particular, he is known for transforming bridal with his use of bright colors and modern-shaped diamond solitaires.

Jacob & Co. was the sole fine diamond jewelry designer to be recognized among a group of 25 design trendsetters such as Kate Spade, Monique Lhuillier and Stuart Weitzman. Arabo said his designs are inspired by the lifestyles of his famous clients, who include David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Bono, Jessica Alba, Madonna, Sir Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Sean Combs and Derek Jeter. The list of Modern Bride's honorees is available in the magazine's June/July issue.

Leading jewelry designers such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Carl Blackburn, and Judith Ripka are powering a summer jewelry trend that celebrates clover jewelry.

From Van Cleef & Arpels and Carl Blackburn to Judith Ripka and Mouawad, clover-themed jewelry is once again sprouting across the couture design landscape for summer.

According to supermodel Heidi Klum, whose collection for Mouawad centers around diamond encrusted clover charms, the continued attraction of four leaf clover is easy to understand: "I think it's beautiful as a woman to have a good luck charm that you can keep with you...that someone can give to you. It's sweet and meaningful."

Revivalist California designer Carl Blackburn is helping set fire to the trend with over-sized clover-inspired gold pendants, as part of his new Neo-Classics™ Collection. Says Blackburn: "Few symbols are more evocative for jewelry than the four leaf clover. Its a centuries old icon, born from nature, which represents luck, faith, hope, and love. And as everyone knows, a little faith and luck is needed if you hope to find and keep that special someone in your life. The clover is an ideal symbol to show that, to show to your loved one you know just how lucky you are."

A little research into the history of the clover reveals these interesting facts:

* In Irish tradition a four leaf clover (or shamrock) represents the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and God's Grace.

* According to legend, Eve covered herself with a four leaf clover when she left the Garden of Eden.

* The women of ancient Rome wore clover charms to ensure their husbands' enduring passions.

* The early Celts of Wales wore white clovers to bed as a talisman to ward off evil spirits.

* Some traditions believe that wearing a clover to bed will bring dreams of a future husband.

* Spiritualists have claimed that the four leaf clover releases energy that will help guide a person through life.

--Carl Blackburn

Gold Continues Record-Breaking Pace

5/09/06 - Gold rose to a 25-year high in Friday morning trading in New York as increased tension between Iran and the U.S. spurred investors to buy the precious metal as a haven and a hedge against inflation, Bloomberg reports.

Marc Faber, author of an investment newsletter, said Thursday that gold is becoming the "global currency of choice." Gold may surge to $6,000 an ounce in the next decade, and possibly to as much as $10,000 depending on U.S. monetary policy and the level of the Dow Jones Industrial Average at that time, he reportedly said.

Faber told investors to bail out of U.S. stocks a week before the 1987 Black Monday crash.

Tinkerbell Chic

5/9/06 - Disney and their new retail partner Bergdorf Goodman think she's just the fairy for the job. Tinkerbell and friends are featured in the new oversize, silhouetted, and sometimes gemstone-paved Disney Fine Jewelry by Victoria Casal line.

MVI Releases Year-in-Review Jewelry Report

3/07/06 - MVI Marketing has released its 2005 Year-in-Review, a 61-page report consisting of key findings and analysis of jewelry consumer polling. Consumers' desires often don't come close to the industry's perceptions," said Elizabeth Chatelain, co-CEO of MVI Marketing. "A tremendous disconnect still exists between the industry's perceptions of consumer preferences and what the consumer actually wants."

Among the report's key findings:

-For at least two-thirds of 2005, self-purchases accounted for 50 to 90 percent of the jewelry bought in any given month last year.

-Consumer awareness of diamond right-hand rings has exploded, with the 75 percent who said in 2003 that they were unaware of the product giving way to the 42 percent saying they owned one by February 2004.

-Hispanic consumers' taste for platinum is on the rise, as is their consumption of diamond right-hand rings.

-Three-quarters of male respondents say they wear jewelry, and more than a quarter of them say they'd wear more if they saw a greater selection and knew more about what was available to them in the category.

2/08/06 -

- Feminine Jewelry: Flowers, lockets, cameos and more suspended from glittery chains are a hot trend, especially when oversized. Take the look a step further by layering two or more necklaces in the same theme.

- Link Bracelets: Coming on strong as an alternative to the traditional charm bracelet this spring. Look for unique link design or fabrication.

- Antique: One of this season's hot jewelry trends. Major jewelry designers are taking their cues from design archives.

- Stacking Rings: Thin rings stacked on the finger two or three at a time.

Trends in Engagement Rings Feature Color

1/30/06 - Colored gems - whether diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires - first hit the bridal spotlight in 2002, when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a pink diamond from Harry Winston. The popularity of such gems has since soared. "Unexpected hues add a new dimension of personality," says Monica Cotto, fashion editor for Elegant Bride magazine. "The sapphire's bold blues suggest sincerity and faithfulness, while the ruby's deep red can pronounce a fiery passion."

Other trends - spotted everywhere from Tiffany and Cartier to Bailey, Banks & Biddle - include Edwardian-inspired vintage looks, with intricate filigree work. Or sportier designs, with wide bands and low, bezel settings. "The metal of choice for all these is platinum," says Brian Ensor, vice president for the Northeast region of Tiffany & Co. Its the purest of metals. Durable. "And its white," he adds. "Its not going to infringe its color on the diamond. It allows the stone to tell its own story."

Designer Carl Blackburn discusses engagement ring trends in 2006 bridal jewelry

1/19/2006 - One of the hottest looks in engagement rings now is the revival of antique cut diamonds, such as the cushion-cut. This is also known as the "pillow cut," and it's the kind of engagement diamond worn famously by singer Leann Rimes. Very popular a century ago, cushion-cut diamonds have rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance under candlelight. Although this cut isn't as fiery as a round or princess cuts, it has a lovely romantic and classic look.

How about size? Is bigger better these days?

That certainly seems to be the trend. Traditional one carat solitaire diamonds have grown to three, four carats, and beyond. Rimes' engagement diamond, for example, is 5 carats. This bold trend really took off several years ago when Catherine Zeta-Jones sported her 10-carat antique diamond engagement ring from Michael Douglas, reminding us of the year Liz Taylor stunned the world with the famous Taylor-Burton diamond.

Ok. Lets turn to styling ? What's the style that will win her heart ?

In keeping with antique diamond cuts, vintage-inspired designs continue to drive engagement ring fashion trends. Everyone still remembers Madonna's beautiful Edwardian-style engagement ring, with its classic hand-engraved scroll work. One vintage style that is extremely popular this wedding season is the filigree engagement ring. Filigree is the ornamental work of fine gold or platinum that's carefully crafted into an openwork design. It's an art form that can be traced all the way back to 3rd century Greek jewelry. During the 1930s, platinum and 18K white gold filigree engagement rings were among the most sought after rings in both America and Europe. Today's jewelry designers have brought back the romanticism of this age-old art, taking elegance and sophistication to a whole new level. Enhanced with geometric patterns, floral cutwork, and milgrained edges ( which lend the appearance of fine antique embroidery ), these new filigree rings capture the breezy elegance and femininity so often found in today's young brides.

Why the continued fascination with vintage styles?

A beautiful thing about vintage styles is that they match perfectly with not only antique diamond cuts, but also the round brilliant cut ( the most popular of all diamond cuts ), and fancy cuts, such as heart. They also are often dazzling enhanced by pave diamonds set to form a halo around the center stone, symbolizing love's unbroken eternal commitment between future newlyweds. An added benefit is that pave diamonds make it difficult to distinguish individual stones, so the setting makes admirers believe the piece has more ( and larger ) diamonds than it truly does. Pave set diamonds are also used to enhance the band and frequently are handcrafted into the shoulders of a split shank to give it a shimmering radiance and stunning look.

-- Carl Blackburn is distributed by more than 300 premier jewelers throughout the United States and worldwide. Blending Nature's inspiration with a forward European-style fashion sense, the internationally branded company offers a full range of vintage-inspired jewelry. Each piece is hand-engraved, hand-milgrained, and set with finer quality diamonds and gemstones by expanding teams of master platinumsmiths and lapidary artisans.

DTC Announces New Diamond Jewelry Product Promotion

New Journey Diamond Jewelry, which features diamonds that graduate from smallest to largest symbolizing love that forever grows, will be the focus of DTC 2006 holiday advertising.

Diamonds for Men Promoted for Valentine's Day

For the first time in five years, the DTC will promote diamonds to men for Valentine's. The featured product ? The Right-Hand Ring. "Basically we need to give the guys a clue," said Richard Lennox: the empowerment-themed piece has been promoted only to women thus far. The key to the campaign is a sense of humor: Lennox called it "Diamonds Lite."

China's Jewelry Exports Increased 25 percent

1/6/2006 - China's jewelry export grew 24.99 percent year on year to $4.96 billion during the January-November period of 2005, according to reported figures from Chinese customs. During the 11-month period, China exported $1.826 billion worth of metal jewelry, $1.278 billion in diamonds, and $128 million in pearls, the China Daily publication reported.

China's capacity in jewelry process has been greatly enhanced in recent years, and the country is expected to become a world jewelry process center in the future. Figures show that over 80 percent of jewelry sold in Hong Kong is processed and manufactured on the Chinese mainland, which now has more than 200 factories wholly processing jewelry for overseas markets.


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