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Jewelry Trends 2012


Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Colored Stones: Colored diamonds and gemstones are a popular choice for engagement rings.

Three Stone Rings: A center stone with two slightly smaller stones.

Upgrading: Swapping your old engagement ring for a bigger one down the road.

Mangagement: If you like him put a ring on it- an engagement ring worn by a man.

Custom Design: A unique ring custom created.

Responsible Sourcing: Conflict free diamonds - Diamond origins becoming more important.

Halo Setting: Smaller diamonds surrounding a larger center stone- still very popular.

Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring and Summer 2012

For Spring/Summer 2012 nature and the Earth provide our design inspiration. Focused on natural happiness - This includes the joy in life, radiance and hope for the future. The beauty and bounty of the earth are the major influences of the newest trends, which focus on the smallest of details, the depth of color and the luminescence of light. Swarovski states, “this season is the time to shine."


A warm whitewash of powdery pastels is punctuated by the luminous strength and sensuous intensity of sophisticated, feminine fuchsia. The beautiful warm white color of chalk is set to dominate future fashions.

Jewelry: Charms on fine long necklaces, collections of delicate rings, bangles and bracelets with an air of milky lightness. White pearl jewelry is designed in a more youthful and fashion-forward look. Materials include large irregular pendants, matte porcelain, mother of pearl, silver and gun metal.

Keywords: Powdery, Luminous, Ephemeral, New Romantic, Avant-Garde
Crystal Colors: White Alabaster, Crystal Silver Shade, Light Grey Opal, Fuchsia, Chrysolite Opal, White Opal


The enhanced, authentic simplicity of dense, natural plant dye colors and mysterious saturated tones define this theme. Pops of Padparadscha are intensified with sunlit shades of citrus green, offset by darkest olive and cool browns.

Jewelry: Mid-sized jewelry pieces merging ethical materials with classic, sustainable design define this theme. Personal pieces, small earrings and signet or family rings that are never removed, in silver, oxidized materials, matte and polished surfaces are prominent. Crystal stones appear in traditional settings.

Keywords: Earthbound, Organic Elegance, Authentic, Reflection, Solitude
Crystal Colors: Fern Green, Crystal Vitrail Medium, Padparadscha, Smoky Quartz, Crystal Bronze Shade


A discreet flash of darkened gray adds texture to essential earthy neutrals. Aquatic blues are softened by opalescent green, while brilliant turquoise harmonizes the palette.

Jewelry: Jewelry is durable, suitable for sporty outdoor activities as well as edgy street-wear. Pieces made of stainless steel and oxidized metals, electroforming, rubber, silicone and elastics create a modern design language. Watches are functional yet stylized.

Keywords: Functionality, Durability, Flexibility, Solidity, Energy
Crystal Colors: Indicolite, Montana, Smoked Topaz, Crystal Bronze Shade, Crystal Silver Night, Chrysolite Opal


A medley of raw and sensual natural tones, in spicy flavors that surprise the eyes and taste-buds caresses this theme. From a neutral base to bitten red, distant deserts sharpen the senses and whet the appetite. Colors are deep and rooted in earthbound matter - beiges, yellow neutrals and rusted browns.

Jewelry: Traditional heritage, folklore and recycled elements are found in jewelry. Amulets, raw pendants, stacked bangles and beaded charm bracelets with world culture overtones appear. Sprinkles of crystals are found on matte, hammered, and sanded surfaces then married with beading, leatherwork and traditional metalwork.

Keywords: World Cultural, Nomadic, Layering, Ancient, Folk Baroque
Crystal Colors: Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl, Khaki, Crystal Red Magma, Garnet, Black Diamond, Topaz

Precious Metal/Glamour

Glowing, glamorous hues with light-catching qualities are interspersed with cameos of iridescent color to promote quality, finesse and luxury. The surprising range of warmer browns, used as the base of the palette, make medium tones appear richer and more sophisticated.

Jewelry: Jewelry offers a surprising twist - textured, rough, matte, sanded, untreated and partly polished pieces appear in all shades of gold and oxidized metals. 3D sculptural statement pieces in architectural shapes geometrical, folded structures adorn forms.

Keywords: Sparkling, Sophistication, Luxurious, Naturalism, Precious
Crystal Colors: Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl, Light Colorado Topaz, Sand Opal, Crystal Dorado, Sunflower, Crystal Bronze Shade

Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall and Winter 2012/2013


For Spring/Summer 2012 nature and the Earth provided our design inspiration. In a seemingly natural progression, this Fall/Winter season the design world is celebrating the creation of our own personal areas of greenery in urban spaces, signaling a renewed interest in city living. Thus, this season, cities have captured our imaginations. For it is here, in these clusters of collective creativity, that cultures merge and different views and values are not only afforded but actively encouraged.

We are being urged to take a new and creative look at our lifestyles and our environment (ironically the knowledge of how to take better care of our world will come from the city). This season, the design world seeks greater acceptance and expression and the city is the canvas upon which we paint our understanding and ideas.

For Fall/Winter 2012/13, we detail five current cities that are impacting on and influencing the modern design world, capturing them in a snapshot of time. Letting all colors, all patterns and all worlds merge, we delve into the realm of the imagination to create a modern design language that speaks to a worldwide family.

May we all find inspiration in the cities we choose to live.

CHICAGO (Classic): Crystal, White Opal, Crystal Golden Shadow, Mocca, Crystal Silver Night, Jet

The svelte elegance and sharp tailoring of this city’s well-heeled belle monde are key influences behind an important trend this season. Lapels are edged with the subtle glint of XILION Beads, Chessboard Fancy Stones and Rivoli Sew-On Stones. Luxurious materials come in black and charcoal, segueing into bronze, tobacco and chocolate, set against brilliant white. Jewelry is manly and minimal, with graphic-shaped tie clips and cufflinks trimmed with angular crystals. A discreet crystalline shimmer makes an appearance in men’s fashion, too.

COPENHAGEN (Harmony) : Crystal Bronze Shade, Crystal Tabac, Olivine, Crystal Bermuda Blue, Denim Blue, Montana

Characterized by cool resilience and authenticity, where a strong work ethic is the measure of success. The dress code is utilitarian, unisex and classless, albeit injected with sparkle from Crystal Fabric and Cosmic and Galactic Fancy Stones. Jewelry has roughened, crystal-encrusted 3D surfaces set in an oxidized metal and combined with leather. Everyday objects such as bikes and portable digital technology also feature randomly applied SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

BERLIN (Progressive) : Chrysolite Opal, Light Peach, Crystal Satin, Crystal Antique Pink, Hyacinth, Denim Blue

A city that never sleeps, whose streets pulsate with youthful energy. Its sizzling design scene reflects its diversity and the ever-changing zeitgeist. Although steeped in history, the dynamic is hip, hi-tech and savvy. Graffiti-inspired patterns turn streamlined, futuristic sportswear into wearable art. Sensurround glasses and sports-inspired accessories are worn with a quirky élan; functional zippers, Velcro and buttons are made with Chessboard Flat Back and XILION Heart Fancy Stone; and crystal-encrusted gadgets come in pop-colored organic shapes.

ISTANBUL (Glamour) : Crystal Dorado, Indian Pink, Ruby, Dark Red Coral, Capri Blue, Crystal Petrol Pearl

The very name conjures explosions of vibrant color and embroidery, kelims in jewel shades and intricately painted Iznik tiles. Clothing is fashioned from sumptuous fabrics, the color palette throbbing with saturated tones from dark pink to blood red, and deep azure and turquoise set off with new Crystal Petrol Pearl. Jewelry has a Baroque grandeur, with bracelets, chandelier earrings and rings in gold and brass teamed with glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS such as Sphinx Eye, XILION Oval and Artemis Bead.

SHANGHAI (Romantic) : Light Grey Opal, Crystal Petrol Pearl, Crystal Antique Pink, Crystal Golden Shadow, Siam, Jet Nut

Perceived as the decadent epicenter of romantic glamour in the early 20th century, an intoxicating blend of abstract Art Deco and Chinese cultural heritage. Softly smudged floral prints in darkest red and petrol blue merge with brown-black, offset by luminescent new effects such as Crystal Antique Pink and Crystal Petrol Pearl. Shimmering Mini Blossom Fancy Stones and Orchid Pendants pick out intricate patterns on delicately faded backgrounds, while jewelry is a fragile evocation of Chinese symbols of nature such as the chrysanthemum.


This season’s innovations from Swarovski Elements mirror the trend towards embracing an urban way of life. With its melting pot of communities and cultures and its rainbow-hued expressions of creativity, the city provides inspiration for the newest cutting-edge crystal additions to emerge from Swarovski Elements’ design studios.

New colors provoke new artistic expressions
Confidence characterizes the newest shades to grace the Swarovski Elements color spectrum, in tune with the positivity that stems from a collective desire to preserve natural and urban culture in equal measure.

The associations with the color blue are powerful and universal. We live, after all, on the blue planet; blue has a profoundly calming effect on the psyche; and blue skies signal optimism. The addition of Denim Blue to the color range brings with it all this and more: it is hip and practical, and it connotes a sense of freedom; it is sophisticated and understated, and it is unisex; it also works for everything from casual sportswear to elegant eveningwear. Designers have long accorded the color blue pride of place in their palette because of its capacity to unify so many diverse hues across the spectrum.

A member of the same tonal family, the new Crystal Petrol Pearl effect was inspired by the deep teal blue tones of a peacock’s feather. Crossing the gender divide as nimbly as Denim Blue, it works as well for tough utility gear as for more formal wear, either on its own in a block of color or as an accent with browns, greens, copper or yellow.

The new Crystal Antique Pink effect signals the design world’s re-engagement with the romantic, rosier side of life, a dreamy, backward glance to the 1950s. Designers will delight in its adaptability and the harmonizing influence it has on so many other shades.

Fusion concepts: unveiling new Ceramic extensions
With their subtle sheen and versatility, six Ceramics colors will enhance this season’s Fusion Concepts assortment. Also in evidence is a revival of classic cuts: square, oval and pear shapes permit easy interpretation of the popular preference for combining mixed materials with different design elements. An example among the newcomers is Twist Sew-on Stone, which, with its wider holes, is well suited to thicker materials such as leather strings, reinforcing the androgynous look that features so strongly this season. As a counterpoint to toughness, the new Ceramic Heart gives romantic designs a modern edge. Colors such as Marbled Blue, Marbled Terracotta and Marbled Seagreen perfectly echo the unisex feel.

New Crystal Stones: inspired by the city, captured in crystal
Three newcomers have joined the Flat Back category this season: already available in No Hotfix, Classic Square Flat Back Hotfix has arrived to open up new creative expressions across fashion, accessories, interior design and even DIY. With its fascinating interplay between yin and yang, rough and smooth, Graphic Flat Back Hotfix & No Hotfix reinforce the strong cross-gender trend in active and casual wear, especially when used in clusters or in 3D effects on unisex accessories.

The flexibility of this category has been amplified by the addition of enchanting and whimsical summer sorbet shades to the smoothly tactile Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix range, which give a nod to 1950s nostalgia. Conversely, when combined with metals and rivets, the look suddenly becomes young, hip and cool.

The transformative power of Sew-On Stones to elevate ordinary textiles and accessories to extraordinary hi-luxe items has been heightened by the expansion of their range of colors and effects. Rivoli, XILION, Oval, Navette and Drop Sew-On Stones all exert a glittering alchemy on everything they embellish, so designers will be delighted by the supplementary creative opportunities now on hand.

In step with the 21st century shift away from ostentatious luxury, the new Contour Baguette Fancy Stone is an elegant update on the traditional baguette shape. Simpler indents convey a more organic feel, enabling easier combination with round and sharp cuts. Another addition to the Graphic family of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the Graphic Fancy Stone’s offbeat irregularity is perfectly suited to the gender-neutral look currently in vogue. Meanwhile, its unique faceting, yielding refractions and reflections of unmatched brilliance, has allowed the long treasured XILION Heart to carve out a place that is entirely unrivalled - a position that is even more entrenched thanks to its recent upgrade.

A plethora of new Settings, plus one line extension, are available in unplated brass in two iterations per size of Fancy Stone: a solder version with a closed back and no holes, and a DIY Sew-On Stone one with an open back and two parallel holes through the sides. With these innovations, setting stones has never been easier or more convenient.

The new Oval Bead radiates retro appeal while giving traditional design a modern twist, opening up plenty of possibilities for cutting-edge design applications, particularly in DIY. The new, charmingly name Wild Heart Bead is just that - a gloriously unrestrained, slightly elongated take on this much-cherished, stylized heart shape, lending it a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Following last February’s launch of the two-hole Square Bead, it is now available in a smaller size (8x8 mm) – ideal for use in fashion and accessories. The strong demand for oversized pearls has been met with a 16 mm sized Crystal Pearl; correspondingly, the larger hole allows for funkier threading materials, such as leather.

Pendants have certainly not been ignored for Fall/Winter 2012/13: new arrivals come in the form of Helix Pendant, which is, uniquely, faceted on all surfaces and refracts a particularly high brilliance that is in big demand for fine jewelry. It is joined by Rhombus Pendant, whose clean, geometric lines and faceting suggest an updated ’40s classic, along with a pendant expression of the gender-neutral Graphic Pendant. Manish Arora’s delightful ‘Love Story of the Heart’, expressed in heart-shapes named Crazy 4 U Heart, Devoted 2 U Heart, Miss U Heart, Forever 1 Heart, Truly in Love Heart - witty symbols that chart five stages of the state of being in love - has been extended with the addition of three new colors that are as charming as their names suggest: Amethyst, Aquamarine and Rosaline.

Urban elegance inspires the latest cuts
The latest sparkling products to join the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ Fall/Winter 2012/13 range have their roots in this season’s trend, which focuses on our quest to recreate the natural environment within our own urban space. These innovations are a tribute to all the artists and craftsmen who draw inspiration from the exhilarating cultural references of the city, and transform their experience into a dazzling wellspring of crystal creativity.

Jewelry Trend Elements

Big and Bold statement pieces

Bold color

Large statement bangles and cuff bracelets

Snake bracelets

Large pendants

Sautoirs (super-long chains, pearls, or beaded necklaces, often with a tassel or pendant)



Sliced jewels

Blackened silver w/gold accents


Baroque cultured pearls

Metal: Gold. (Yellow gold is back)

High-karat gold


Contemporary metals

Organic materials: horn, bone, and wood

Jade (in all colors)

Skinny, layered friendship bracelets

Coin jewelry

Mother of Pearl

Hammered metals

Multi-textured: Varied finishes, metals, gems

His and Hers wedding bands

Hidden secrets: Rings separate to add messages or gems

Jewelry Trends

Disco Glam

Big and bold accessories, oversized shoulder-duster earrings. Metallic and glossy finishes. Murano-style under glass jewelry - Gold glitter - Precious stones.


Turquoise and stones, woodgrain, desert florals, distressed suede, worn and faded leather, antiqued hammered silver.


Clear, translucent or white - plastic and crystal - mother-of-pearl, moonstone.


Simplicity and functionality combined with stylish fun.


Bold, statement pieces. Primitive style.


Vintage and Heirloom-style combined with thrift store finds.

Push Presents

Post-partum "push presents" are now expected by new Moms as a token of appreciation.

Trends include:

- Mommy pendants
- Silhouette jewelry
- Charm bracelets
- Jewelry with baby's birthstone
- Diamonds


Watches will be changing color - The new "it" color is brown.

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