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Seashell Chic

11/2/05 - Shells are emerging as a high-style design element. No longer relegated to beach houses or viewed as kitsch, shells are now seen in home decor magazines and catalogs, showing up in textile designs and pillows, displayed as home accents. They are also being applied to furniture, mirrors, and lighting fixtures to create shell-encrusted home furnishings.

Some observers credit the 2002 book "Shell Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home With Shells" with helping to bring shells back onto the collective design radar. Author Marlene Hurley Marshall offers shell decor history, shell craft projects and a glimpse of contemporary homes that utilize shells. Among them, the New York apartment of former Elle Decor and House Beautiful editor Marian McEvoy, who glue-gunned shell patterns to walls, fireplace mantels, and ceilings

"Shell Chic" also devotes a chapter to sailors' valentines. The Victorian-era mementoes, sold in tourist shops in Barbados, have become valuable collector's items, with contemporary versions selling at high prices as well.

4/22/2005 - The annual summertime look of beachy decor is part of the seasonal cycle, but this year, the nautical theme has borrowed from the sailor looks on fashion runways and is now a must-have.

"It's a very hot trend right now," says Lisa Ridolfi, spokeswoman for Crate & Barrel. "People always want what they don't have. It's the feel of being on vacation," Ridolfi says. "The boat prints, the pinstriping - it's just a lighter feel. And trendy as it may be, it's a look that errs on the side of classic," Ridolfi says. "It easily transitions into a home."

In the past, items with a Nautical look were native to resort areas. Many had a high "kitsch" factor, and sold mainly in the Summer. Now the Nautical trend has crossed the country, gone upscale, and become a year 'round decorating theme.







Ocean-themed Aromatherapy




Ocean-themed color palettes: Vivid brights, and soft pastel watercolors.

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