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Greeting Cards/Stationery 2005


Trendy Wrapping

12/8/05 - Gifts are becoming an essential part of our holiday decor, says wrapping expert Mickee Carter. "It's a lot more complex than you think," says Carter who owns a gift-wrapping business in Nashville, Tenn. "Many of my clients are now color-coordinating their gift wrapping to go with their holiday color schemes, such as turquoise and silver or combinations of pink and gold."

So what's hot in gift-wrapping for the holidays?

"A lot of times, color trends in accessories follow trends in fashion and interior design," Carter says. "Lime green is hot right now in interiors, and its being combined with red for holiday gifts. Its sort of a fresh interpretation of the traditional red and green." Carter also has seen more lime green combined with pink and fuchsia. "Pink is very hot right now, which I think is a carryover from last year's fashion trends of pink combined with brown and black," she says. "Silver and white is quite popular now and is often combined with shades of pink."

Fiesta colors also are in vogue this year, such as hot pinks, reds, oranges and purples, along with rich autumn shades such as copper, dark green, gold and claret red. But it takes more than color to make your gifts really pop, Carter adds. She says texture is an important part of the wrapping technique. "It's a good idea to combine matte paper with shiny and glossy materials," she says. "A mix of matte and glossy makes your gift more interesting."

Luggage Tags

8/15/05 - Luggage tags are the newest category to "travel" into the stationery market. Some feature designs from greeting card and stationery publishers; others coordinate with totes for carrying scrapbooking supplies. Luggage tags are expected to "fly" off the shelves.


6/28/05 - For Christmas 2005, the traditional motifs will be complimented by non-traditional colors, bold geometrics, and retro patterns designed to appeal to the more trendy, upscale consumer.

Gift bags: High-end bags will be embellished with faux jewels, beading, sequins, chenille handles, and more.

Traditional combined with fashion-forward designs and colors will keep Christmas designs updated.

Ribbons Are Everywhere

6/28/05 - Ribbons have evolved from just giftwrap accessories to a trendy embellishment on a variety of products and packaging - including greeting cards, invitations, notepads, and more.

Retro Style, Photography and Femininity at National Stationery Show

5/17/05 - Design-centered, forward thinking creations including themes such as photography, femininity, vintage style, art, personalization, baby products and humor are all prevalent trends showcased by exhibitors in the 59th annual National Stationery Show, May 15 -18, 2005 at New York City's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. "The National Stationery Show exhibitors outdo themselves each year. Companies are continually taking steps forward by releasing products that are both aesthetically pleasing and ahead of the curve," said Lori Robinson, group show manager

Design-Focus/Retro/Letterpress : The "smart" look is still here. No frills, but stripes and polka dots abound. Letterpress keeps coming and helps the retro-cool look remain. High impact design appears on greeting cards, note cards, wedding favors, and wrapping among other items.

Photography : While the subject matter varies from animals to flowers and beyond, more photography is evident this year. This segment that has huge growth potential, especially within the card industry.

Femininity : Strong theme in 2005. Through the use of icons such as shoes and handbags, girly looks and humor geared towards women, many products are clearly targeting this segment. Pink is often the color of choice.

Vintage : A Victorian/Vintage theme beginning to emerge. The look is sophisticated.

Art : A trend towards the art and craft of the card, products are being presented as keepsake artwork.

Personalization : Items are being produced to appear customized for an individual's needs. For example, cards about grandchildren for grandparents, notes of support for breast cancer victims, even cards for those having extra-marital affairs. Other products truly are personalized, by using personal photographs on items such as handbags.

Baby Products : As we see more celebrity moms, everything baby is hot. Books, clothes, blankets and other items are taking traditional lines beyond thank you notes and birth announcements.

Humor : National Stationery Show exhibitors prove that laughter is the best medicine. Humorous cards range from silly to risque.

Reaching Out: After "cocooning," Americans now seek to connect. Everyday non-occasion cards show the greatest sales growth among all card categories.

Designer Look: Greeting cards featuring stylish looks, inventive designs, and embellishments. Look for more handcrafted cards with innovative design and detail.

Preserving Memories: Consumers are now organizing and preserving, "scrapbooking" with their greeting cards. Retailers offer decorative boxes and files for storage.

Cultural trends are changing consumer demand. According to a recent survey, only 43 percent of consumers said they bought greeting cards or stationery in the past year.

*Computer Papers: Savvy stationery sellers have expanded their inventory to include cards and pre-printed stationery suited for use in computer printers.

*Christmas card sending is down, gift wrap and decorations are up.

*Keepsake Cards: Greeting cards designed as keepsakes. Presented as artwork combined with sentiment to be saved and framed.

*Shoppers are heading to mass retailers for greeting cards: Grocery stores, the corner drugstore, and others will increase their offerings to include greeting cards, stationery, gifts, along with decor, clothing, and more.

*Luxury papers: While mass retailers attract bargain shoppers, high-end specialty retailers are growing.

*Stripes and polka dots.

*More sophisticated shoppers want luxury stationery: The upscale consumer prefers to send hand-written notes on fine stationery. Writing and receiving hand-written notes is now an expression of luxury.

*Scrapbooking is still one of the growth categories in crafting.

*Vintage photographs used in cardmaking.

*Victorian/Vintage theme.

*Upscale pens a growth category: Luxury writing instruments trending up.

*Catchy sayings and phrases, words of encouragement.


*Girl Power.

*Personalizing (see 'customization')

*Paper and party decor the biggest selling category in indoor decorations

*Personal care items are merging with the greeting card market.

*Birthday cards are the top sellers in the greeting card category. Other best-sellers include blank and humorous, handmade, religious/inspirational, and photographic.

*Popular designs: Simple images, personalized, animal images, and glittered.

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