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Creative Bath Products

9/07/05 - Bath products are unique gift ideas for celebrities -- When actress Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 19th birthday in June, she held an intimate gathering of 100 of her closest friends in Hollywood - including celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Kirsten Dunst, Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal. Hella Good provided bath scrubbies for goody bags passed out to guests, and gave the hostess with the mostess "Birthday Suit" Cake Frosting Body Wash and "Sexy Mo Fo" Vanilla Sugar Cookie Bath Scrubby. You don't have to be a celebrity to dazzle your friends with customizable goody bags filled with creative bath products.

Three Years of Double-Digit Growth Powers the Natural Personal Care Market to $5 Billion

6/29/05 - Buoyed by three straight years double-digit gains, the market for natural personal care products reached $5 billion in 2004, increasing by more than 50% since 2000, according to The U.S. Market for Natural and Organic Personal Care Products, 2nd Edition, a new report. The market is defined as including natural and organic skincare, haircare, oral care and color cosmetic products.

At $3 billion, skincare is the leading segment of the market, while haircare has had the strongest growth over the five-year period. By 2009, the report projects that the natural personal care market will climb to $7.9 billion. Several factors are contributing to the strong growth of the market, which is all the more significant when contrasted with the relatively flat market for conventional hair and skin products. All the positives are there: the aging baby boomer population, widespread concern about toxic ingredients, an ongoing effort to improve natural HBC efficacy, and an expanding natural retail channel together with an expanding natural presence in mass.

"The Big Blur has already begun," says Don Montuori, Acquisitions Editor. "Although relatively few natural brands are significant enough to show up in mass-market data tracking, natural brands' collective presence is a growing force. And in the natural channel's leading retail outlets, such as Whole Foods, both natural and non-natural brands are stocked in center-store, if not yet, in the personal care department."


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