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Sales promotions often turn a "looky- loo" into a buyer.

Trial offers, sales, discounts, rewards, coupons, seasonal previews, special offers ... All of these ideas can work not only to promote an immediate sale, but encourage repeat customers and future sales as well.

Free Gifts: By giving a way a free gift or sample you involve potential customers in your product. The giveaway could be a free gift with purchase, buy one / get one free, or you could include an added incentive with each sale: A discount on a future purchase, or another free gift with future purchase. However you choose to give away a gift - You can be sure there will be added interest in your products because everyone likes to get something free.

Sales :

*Christmas In July: The 4th of July signals the countdown to the holidays. Time to sprinkle in some Fall and Holiday to your craft lines. Offer a special early-bird "pre-season" discount.

*Blowout sales -Nothing is more "over" than yesterday's holiday- Have a blowout sale and move the leftovers.

*One day sales - Discounts for 1 day only.

*Biggest sale day of the season

*Pre-season sale

*Preview sale

*Holiday sale

*Black Friday sale: The day after Thanksgiving - traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Many retailers offer promotions to kick off holiday sales and put their business " in the black" for the year (making a profit).

*Cyber Monday: The Monday immediately following Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. One of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

*End of season sale

*Hourly specials

*Coupon-only sales

*Web site-only specials

*Web site coupons, valid online and at brick & mortar locations.

*Donation Sale: Customer brings in a gift to be donated to a Christmas charity such as "Toys For Tots", and they get a discount on a purchase.

Coupons: Include a coupon with each sale, or send them by mail to your mailing list. Have a jar with coupons of different amounts, after completing their purchase the customer gets to reach in and pull out a coupon or "bonus gift" for a future purchase.

Dollar Days: Every thing in this section costs $1.00, everything in that section costs $5.00 , etc.

Charity Benefit: A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to charity. Notify the chosen charity, request that they get involved .

Buy One- Get One Free


Buy Two- Get One Free


Buy Ten- Get One Free

Discounts: If the customer buys a certain amount, they receive a discount off the purchase price.

Trial Offer: A free sample. Or item may be returned for full refund if customer is not completely satisfied.

Contests : Examples - Guess how many jelly beans in the jar, win a prize. Ask a question on your web site - Have the answer located somewhere on the site. First visitor to find the answer - Wins a prize.

Once you get started you will come up with many more promotional ideas. Create excitement, a sense of fun, anticipation and participation - Your sales, customer base, and name recognition will steadily increase.


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