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~*~ SLUMPS~*~

We've all been there... The crafting doldrums, slumps, rut, burn-out, whatever you choose to call it - It all means the same thing: Lack of inspiration, no spark... No get-up-and-go! If you are crafting as a business, this means no money coming in. Which can make you feel depressed, which sinks you even deeper into the slump.

**Anti-Slump Remedies

1. One solution is to just ride it out - First and foremost Crafters love crafting and eventually will again get the urge to create.

But what if you can't afford to wait for inspiration to strike?

2. Go to a craft show. There's nothing like the fun of visiting a show and being surrounded by all of that creativity to get you back in the mood to create.

3. Go to a craft supply store, take your time and walk the aisles. Soak up the crafty atmosphere!

4. Search through the clearance bins at the craft store and stock up on some bargains. It won't break the bank and those odds and ends may be just the thing to get you started.

5. Buy some new supplies that you won't be able to resist using.

6. Stop by your favorite craft shop and search through the pattern packets and books. Surf around online, tons of patterns and techniques are available for free. Keep searching until you find something that gets you excited about crafting.

7. Learn a new craft.

8. Think about what it is about crafting that makes you happy, and focus on that until you recapture the "spark".

9. Look through craft sale literature and supplier catalogs.

10. If all else fails, wait until the next major holiday is closing in and let the "holiday panic" propel you into action. There is nothing like a deadline to get you moving.

Whatever methods you try, don't let negative thoughts and emotions get you down. Slumps are an inevitable part of crafting, either as a hobby or as a business. Eventually the slump will pass, the spark will re-ignite, and you will re-discover the fun.


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