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Wallpaper now bolder and more versatile.

Wallpaper is back - with updated patterns, color palettes, and texture. Not that wallpaper was ever gone from the decorating scene, but wallcoverings now seem to be enjoying a resurgence.

Bold color palettes and imaginative patterns- along with more advocacy by magazine editors and interior designers - has reintroduced wallpaper to a new generation of consumers. "Trendy young designers are using wallpaper and telling us their younger clients are asking about wallpaper," says Jean Melton, merchandising vice president for Lowe's. "But they want more than traditional papers or vinyls, they want bold or unusual patterns and textures. That's what we see."

Designers are painting three walls in a room and papering the remaining wall for dramatic effect. Papered ceilings (i.e., a pressed tin square Victorian look) are in, too. Melton sees more combined use of wallpaper and paint in specialty situations, such as above or below chair rails or in cabinets.

Color trends include deep reds, yellow greens, blue greens and bright, deeper golds and yellows. Contemporary surface textures especially popular with younger consumers include mica and metallics or even what Melton calls "industrial or novelty" designs.

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